Improve Your Maintenance Efficiency with CLUE's Work Order Components

We're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in the Clue Maintenance suite: Work Order Components.

This powerful new feature is designed to revolutionize the efficiency of your equipment maintenance, enabling precise tracking and analysis of components involved in repairs and breakdowns.

🌟 Highlights:

Component-specific Tagging: Mechanics and shop managers can now tag specific components within work orders, enhancing traceability.

Searchable Service History: Easily search past service records by component to review and manage maintenance history.

Advanced Cost Analysis: Run detailed cost analysis to monitor spending on specific components.

Enhanced Training Opportunities: Identify frequently failing components to focus training efforts and improve reliability.

Reliability Comparison: Compare equipment reliability across different makes and models based on component performance.

🔧 Why You'll Love It?

Transforms equipment operations by providing clear insights into maintenance activities.

Saves time by allowing quick access to component-specific service records.

Improves budgeting and cost management with component-based cost analysis.

Increases operational reliability through targeted training and better component understanding.

Pre-loaded with commonly tagged components to get you started immediately.

💡 Perfect for:

Mechanics needing detailed tracking of components involved in repairs.

Shop managers looking to improve maintenance efficiency and reliability.

Equipment operators and owners interested in optimizing component lifespan and performance.

Start enhancing your maintenance operations with Work Order Components, now available for free to all Clue users and coming soon to our mobile app.

Discover more about how this feature can transform your equipment maintenance by visiting or reaching out for a demo.

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