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Track Your Inventory with Intuitive Control, Right on Your Screen

Keep track of every nut, bolt, and machine part with Clue. Our system makes it easy to see what you have, what you need, and when to reorder, ensuring your projects never stall for want of a crucial component.


Every Site Equipped, Every Tool Tracked

Dive deep into your equipment's operational nuances with Clue. From precise location tracking to minute-by-minute task execution, our platform transforms raw data into actionable insights. This isn't just about knowing where your equipment is; it's about optimizing every move for peak efficiency and productivity.

Inspect with Precision, Comply with Certainty

Clue brings clarity to your compliance and inspection processes. With our digital inspection tools, every check is recorded, every issue is tracked, and every standard is upheld. It's not merely about passing inspections; it's about setting new benchmarks for safety and reliability in your operations.


Alerts that Matter, Oversight that Doesn't Miss

Stay ahead with Clue's real-time inventory alerts, a system that informs you about critical stock levels, upcoming maintenance, and replenishment needs. This proactive approach guarantees that essential materials and equipment are always at hand when needed, eliminating the risk of project slowdowns due to overlooked inventory needs.

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Smart Spending, Quality Parts

With Clue, you can precisely manage your parts inventory. You can manage the preventive maintenance status across your entire fleet from one dashboard, ensuring every part is optimally used and replaced just in time. This slashes unnecessary costs and keeps your projects running without delays​​.


Fleet and Inventory, Perfectly Paired

Go beyond simple fleet management with Clue, where inventory integration enriches every decision. This is about tapping into a well of fleet wisdom to make informed choices, ensuring that every piece of equipment is exactly where it needs to be, precisely when needed.

Planning Made Perfect

With Clue, advanced resource planning becomes a window into the future of your projects. It's not just about what resources you need; it's about predicting project flows, anticipating challenges, and crafting a plan that's not reactive but proactive.


Inventory, Clear and Present

Clue transforms inventory visibility, turning a complex matrix of assets into a clear, easily navigable map. This is more than seeing what's in stock; it's about understanding asset lifecycles, availability, and performance, ensuring your inventory is visible and fully optimized.

Make Material Tracking Easy

E-Ticketing with Clue isn't just about digital receipts; it's about mapping the journey of every material from source to site. This is about connecting the dots between procurement and project use, ensuring that every load is accounted for, every delivery is timed, and every material is optimized for its role in your project.


Benefits of Clue's Construction Inventory Management

Inventory Insight, Right When You Need It

Clue ensures you're always informed with up-to-the-minute counts on your inventory, turning unpredictability into organized foresight. Know precisely what you have and what you need, making last-minute scrambles a thing of the past.

Needs and Orders, Perfectly Aligned

With Clue, the gap between identifying and fulfilling a need is dramatically shortened. Instantly see which materials are running low and reorder directly through the platform, ensuring your project never stalls waiting for essential supplies.

Audit Simplicity, Accuracy Ensured

Clue transforms the tedious task of stocktaking into a seamless process. With easy-to-use tools for tracking and managing inventory, conducting regular audits becomes hassle-free, keeping your records accurate and up-to-date without the usual headaches.

Here are some common questions

What is construction inventory management software?

Construction companies use specialized software to manage inventory, called inventory management software. It helps keep track of materials and equipment, organizes the warehouse, manages the movement of items to and from job sites, and ensures smooth operations. This software also provides excellent service to projects and gives the office team clear oversight of the inventory.

How does Clue's construction inventory management software help in reducing project costs?

Clue's software helps reduce project costs by optimizing inventory levels, reducing unnecessary purchases, and minimizing equipment downtime through efficient tracking and management of assets. This ensures that projects can be completed on time and within budget.

How does Clue handle inventory management for large construction projects with multiple sites?

Clue handles inventory management for large projects with multiple sites by providing a centralized platform that tracks and manages all assets across different locations. This enables efficient allocation and redistribution of resources as needed, ensuring each site has what it needs without unnecessary duplication.

Can Clue's software forecast inventory needs for future construction projects?

Clue's comprehensive tracking and management features likely provide valuable data that can aid in predicting inventory needs for future projects by analyzing past usage patterns and project requirements.

What are the customization options in Clue's software for specific construction inventory management needs?

Clue offers customization options to cater to the unique needs of construction projects, such as setting up specific geofences, tracking unique asset types, and integrating with other software systems. This flexibility ensures that the software can be tailored to meet the specific inventory management requirements of each construction project.

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“We saved over $1m in our first year alone using Clue... and we transitioned [our mechanics] from 2 services a day to 6 services a day thanks to Clue."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
“Clue makes stuff a lot faster...the foremen and everybody in operations loves Clue."
Jeremy Spivey
Shop Foreman, Silver Star Construction
"Before we started using Clue, there was a lot of running around, leaving my desk, making phone calls. We were constantly having the foreman or technicians email us or call us with that information to manually enter that."
Amber Smith
Equipment Maintenance Scheduler, Silver Star Construction
“Our management team loves the app... they’re able to see what our fleets are doing, when they’re not even on the job.”
Brittany Burpee
Project Manager, Graham
"10 years ago we didn't know where anything was really. Matter of fact, we lost a scraper for one year!"
Rusty Warrick
Planner, Silver Star Construction
"Within 20 minutes you can fully explain to any individual regardless of their technological background how to effectively use the tool."
Joseph Yammine
Project Manager, Graham
“The most useful piece of information that I’m getting from Clue’s probably the replay functionality: being able to see what this truck did in the day, where it went around, all that captured in a quick video is really awesome to see."
Damian Trueman
Project Coordinator, Graham
"This is like a future kind-of-thing: you're seeing stuff happening 10 km away and you you can see that in your phone. It's very futuristic."
Shair Haque
Project Coordinator, Graham
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
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"We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue... We transitioned from two services a day to six services a day, drastically boosting our operational efficiency."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Purchasing &
Maintenance, Palmetto
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"It's saving time, wear and tear on trucks, aggravation, accuracy of getting to jobs, finding what quarter of the job it might be sitting on - that stuff is HUGE."
Travis Potts
Equipment Ops Manager, Igel Co.
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