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Construction Equipment Utilization Software

Clue Guides Your Equipment's Journey, From Idle to Ideal Utilization

Clue simplifies how you track and optimize equipment use on your sites. By monitoring every active and idle hour, we help you identify under-utilized assets and align your fleet with project needs, cutting down on unnecessary rental costs.


See Your Equipment, Know Your Progress

Clue brings you reports designed to your needs, tracking your equipment logs every hour. Whether through telematics or manual entries by your foreman, we look for any equipment that needs to be pulling its weight. This sharp oversight allows you to reassign or release machines not in use, ensuring your fleet is lean and cost-efficient.

Alerts That Keep You Moving, No Delays

Our system doesn't just monitor; it alerts. When Clue spots a machine idle too long, it lets you know immediately. This quick notification means you can make fast decisions, moving equipment to where it's needed or cutting it from your fleet to avoid unnecessary rental fees.


Get More Done, Every Machine, Every Day

Clue transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, highlighting discrepancies between reported and actual usage hours. With this knowledge, you can swiftly adjust your equipment lineup, ensuring every piece is fully leveraged. This proactive approach elevates your project's productivity and significantly lowers rental expenses.

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Every Tool in Its Place, Ready for Action

With Clue, you're always in the know about where your equipment is and how much it's being used. This knowledge means you can ensure that every piece of machinery is precisely where it needs to be, maximizing usage and avoiding the trap of having expensive equipment lying unused.


Keep Working, Stop Waiting

We understand that your equipment is idle every hour, costing you money. Clue's utilization report highlights these idle times, allowing you to take action by putting these machines to work or deciding they're no longer necessary for your current fleet, thus optimizing your resources.

Better Projects Start with Better Tools

Leverage Clue’s tailored reports to bring precision to your equipment management. Our system flags under-utilized assets, offering you a clear path to refine fleet allocation. By strategically deploying your machinery where it's needed most, you bolster project efficiency and drive down rental costs, leading to more successful project outcomes.


Spend Less, Do More with What You Have

Over-renting equipment that sits idle can inflate your project costs significantly. Clue helps you identify these cost inefficiencies by monitoring equipment usage and alerting you to underutilized assets, enabling you to make strategic decisions that reduce rental costs and improve your bottom line.

Efficiency, Delivered on Your Jobsite

Clue empowers you to drive project efficiency by ensuring optimal equipment utilization. By monitoring and analyzing equipment usage, Clue enables you to deploy your assets more effectively, ensuring that every piece of equipment on your site is there because it's needed, thereby enhancing project execution and profitability.


Benefits of Clue's Construction Equipment Utilization Management

Idle Time Out, Productivity In

Gain insights into your fleet's performance with Clue's utilization reports. Understand which machines are working hard and which are hardly working, so you can make informed decisions to increase efficiency and reduce idle times.

Stay Ahead, Your Equipment Never Sleeps

Clue's alert system keeps you informed about idle equipment in real-time, enabling you to quickly redeploy or decommission underutilized assets. This proactive approach helps keep your projects moving smoothly and cost-effectively.

All Your Gear, Working Together Perfectly

Clue connects your assets, providing a comprehensive view of your fleet's status and usage. This integration facilitates smarter planning and allocation of resources, ensuring that every piece of equipment is optimally utilized for maximum project efficiency.

Here are some common questions

How does construction equipment utilization software improve project efficiency?

It helps by tracking how often equipment is used, identifying idle times, and suggesting better scheduling to reduce downtime and increase work output. Clue's insights make it easier for managers to make informed decisions quickly.

Can Clue's software track real-time equipment usage and location?

Yes, software like Clue can track where your equipment is and how it's being used in real-time, helping you manage your resources better. This ensures optimal equipment allocation and enhances operational efficiency.

How does Clue's software integrate with existing project management tools?

It can usually integrate through APIs or exportable data formats, allowing you to sync data with your current project management software for seamless operations. Clue's flexible integration capabilities streamline your workflow.

How does Clue ensure the security of equipment data?

By using encryption and secure data storage practices, ensuring that your equipment's data is protected against unauthorized access. Clue prioritizes your data's security with state-of-the-art measures.

What customization options are available in Clue's utilization software?

Customization can include setting up specific alerts, reports tailored to your needs, and configuring the dashboard to highlight the most relevant information for your projects. Clue adapts to your project needs, offering versatile customization.

How does the software facilitate equipment sharing between projects?

It provides visibility into equipment availability, enabling you to plan and allocate resources across projects efficiently, reducing downtime and optimizing usage. Clue enhances resource sharing with its comprehensive tracking and scheduling features.

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Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“We saved over $1m in our first year alone using Clue... and we transitioned [our mechanics] from 2 services a day to 6 services a day thanks to Clue."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
“Clue makes stuff a lot faster...the foremen and everybody in operations loves Clue."
Jeremy Spivey
Shop Foreman, Silver Star Construction
"Before we started using Clue, there was a lot of running around, leaving my desk, making phone calls. We were constantly having the foreman or technicians email us or call us with that information to manually enter that."
Amber Smith
Equipment Maintenance Scheduler, Silver Star Construction
“Our management team loves the app... they’re able to see what our fleets are doing, when they’re not even on the job.”
Brittany Burpee
Project Manager, Graham
"10 years ago we didn't know where anything was really. Matter of fact, we lost a scraper for one year!"
Rusty Warrick
Planner, Silver Star Construction
"Within 20 minutes you can fully explain to any individual regardless of their technological background how to effectively use the tool."
Joseph Yammine
Project Manager, Graham
“The most useful piece of information that I’m getting from Clue’s probably the replay functionality: being able to see what this truck did in the day, where it went around, all that captured in a quick video is really awesome to see."
Damian Trueman
Project Coordinator, Graham
"This is like a future kind-of-thing: you're seeing stuff happening 10 km away and you you can see that in your phone. It's very futuristic."
Shair Haque
Project Coordinator, Graham
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
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"We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue... We transitioned from two services a day to six services a day, drastically boosting our operational efficiency."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Purchasing &
Maintenance, Palmetto
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"It's saving time, wear and tear on trucks, aggravation, accuracy of getting to jobs, finding what quarter of the job it might be sitting on - that stuff is HUGE."
Travis Potts
Equipment Ops Manager, Igel Co.
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