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Integrate HCSS with Leading Powerhouses

Integrate HCSS with Leading Systems like Samsara, Geotab, Vista, and Beyond with Clue!

Leave it to Clue to simplify your HCSS software integration with leading software solutions like Samsara, Geotab, Viewpoint, VisionLink & Spectrum, designed to simplify your operations and optimize asset management like never before.

Need to integrate HCSS with other systems?

With Clue, you can consolidate over 50 GPS and telematic systems into one unified dashboard providing unmatched efficiency and unparalleled insight into equipment management for heavy construction, earthwork, and road contractors.

Say goodbye to screen toggling and data gaps. Experience a comprehensive fleet view seamlessly integrated with any HCSS software.

Integrate Your GPS and Telematics into HCSS with Clue

Effortlessly integrate your GPS and telematics systems into HCSS using Clue, creating a cohesive dashboard for improved oversight and management. Enhance your operational efficiency with our seamless integration solution.

Clue + HCSS Equipment360

Clue + Equipment360

Clue extracts engine-related data, fault codes, and meter readings, seamlessly transmitting them to the Equipment360 application. This data automates preventive maintenance (PM), capturing PM activities, responsible personnel, and completed tasks.

Equipment360 x Samsara

Seamlessly integrate Samsara's live meter readings and detailed location history with Equipment360's fleet management platform with Clue. With this dynamic duo, optimize asset utilization, slash maintenance costs, and keep your shop running at its peak efficiency.

Equipment360 x Geotab

Merge Geotab's GPS tracking with Equipment 360 for unparalleled fleet management in construction operations. Gain instant access to near real-time insights into equipment location, operational status, and engine diagnostics.

Equipment360 x Viewpoint

HCSS Equipment360 effortlessly connects with top-tier accounting, ERP, payroll, and project management applications, including Viewpoint. By integrating Equipment360 with Viewpoint, say goodbye to paper trails, streamline cross-departmental communication, and reduce errors associated with manual data entry.

Equipment360 x VisionLink

By merging data from both platforms, you gain a unified perspective of your equipment, encompassing maintenance history, location, usage, and performance. This enhanced visibility has the power to streamline workflows, foster collaboration across teams, and drive smarter decisions.

Equipment360 x Spectrum

Merge HCSS Equipment360 equipment data with project plans in Spectrum to achieve a comprehensive project overview. This integration enables enhanced resource allocation, refined project tracking, and ultimately, informed decision-making.

Clue + HCSS HeavyJob

Clue + HeavyJob

Clue seamlessly integrates timecard and charge rate data, enabling project managers to forecast future spending accurately. By reconciling manual entries from HeavyJob with automatically retrieved machine data, Clue ensures precise payment for work completed and prevents unnecessary expenses on rentals and equipment purchases.

HeavyJob x Samsara

Integrating Samsara's fleet management features, including GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics, with HeavyJob unlocks valuable insights into driver behavior, fuel efficiency, and equipment location. Using this data, optimize dispatching, minimize downtime, and enhance overall fleet efficiency.

HeavyJob x Geotab

Combine Geotab's machine learning capabilities with data from HeavyJob to analyze engine data, fault codes, and telematics alongside equipment usage patterns. By doing so, predict equipment failures before they occur, empowering proactive maintenance and minimizing costly downtime.

HeavyJob x Viewpoint

A unified platform where project managers seamlessly access project schedules, budgets, crew assignments, equipment data, and real-time progress updates – all housed within Viewpoint. Say goodbye to system-switching hassles and welcome a holistic view of every project at your fingertips.

HeavyJob x VisionLink

HeavyJob leads the way in field data collection, offering mobile apps for seamless reconciliation of machine hours reported in HeavyJob against actual usage reported, equipment usage, and daily logs. Integrate this invaluable data effortlessly with VisionLink's project management tools to eliminate manual entry and centralize project information for easy access.

HeavyJob x Spectrum

Automate tasks such as work order generation in HeavyJob, aligned with project schedules and equipment requirements from Spectrum. This integration eliminates manual efforts, ensuring smoother workflows for project managers and field crews.

Note: Clue is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by HCSS or any of its products, including HeavyJob and Equipment360. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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