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Aggregate and Quarry

Productivity Matters So Choose The Right Partner

Efficiency and productivity are crucial in the quarry and aggregates industry, influencing equipment choices and partnerships. It's essential to leverage top technology and data for strategic decisions. Clue supports you through challenges with its construction equipment management software, integrating with 50+ OEM and GPS systems, ensuring optimized operations with no detail overlooked.

Insights with Aggregate Tools

Unscheduled downtime isn't an option when it comes to Aggregate and Quarry. You need tough, reliable machines that ensure maximum uptime and productivity, paired with even more powerful software that ensures seamless operations. For quarry and aggregate tasks, opt for equipment management software specifically designed to enhance your production efficiently.

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Software Solutions

We integrate advanced capabilities and technologies through connected software solutions, assisting customers in addressing major challenges such as fleet management systems, real-time production tracking, utilization tracking, and more. By utilizing integrated data, we help streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency across various aspects of your environment.

Beyond Just Equipment
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Track Cycle Time, Loads, and Volumes in Real-time

Optimize your operations with our real-time production tracking solutions. Monitor cycle times, loads, and volumes efficiently to ensure maximum productivity and minimize downtime. Our advanced tools provide immediate insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive profitability and operational excellence.


Utilization Tracking

By monitoring equipment usage and performance, Clue can help you identify areas for improvement, ensuring that every asset is optimally employed. This strategic approach not only increases productivity but also extends the lifespan of your equipment, resulting in significant cost savings and improved overall performance.


Preventive Maintenance

Maintain optimal performance of your quarry and aggregate equipment. Regular checks and upkeep prevent breakdowns, ensuring your operations continue without interruption. This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of your machinery but also enhances efficiency, reducing overall operational costs.


Breakdown Reporting

Implement our breakdown reporting system to ensure swift action and minimal downtime for your quarry and aggregate equipment. Clue enables real-time alerts and detailed reporting of any equipment malfunctions, facilitating immediate troubleshooting and repair.


Morning Inspections

Incorporate morning inspection routines to safeguard the operational integrity of your quarry and aggregate equipment. These daily checks are designed to identify any potential issues before operations begin, ensuring that all equipment is in optimal working condition. Start each day with confidence through thorough morning inspections.


Safety Huddles

These brief meetings ensure that all team members are aligned on safety protocols, potential hazards, and operational updates before the workday begins. Safety huddles serve as a proactive approach to preventing accidents and enhancing team communication, thereby maintaining a secure and efficient work environment.


Mechanic Work Orders

Clues work order system streamlines the repair and maintenance processes for your quarry and aggregate equipment. Our software ensures that all repair tasks are documented, scheduled, and tracked efficiently, allowing for quick response times and thorough accountability.


Benefits of Clue for Aggregate and Quarry Equipment Management

Real-Time Data Access

Real-Time Data Access

Users can access real-time data on equipment performance, utilization, and maintenance needs.

Optimized Operations

Optimized Operations

The software provides insights and analytics that help optimize operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Enhanced Decision-Making

With access to detailed data and analytics, managers can make more informed, strategic decisions that enhance competitive advantage.

Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance Tracking

Clue helps track maintenance schedules, ensuring equipment is well-maintained and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.



Whether managing a small quarry or a large fleet of equipment, Clue's software scales to meet the needs of any size operation.

Improved Safety

Improved Safety

By monitoring equipment condition and performance, Clue helps improve safety standards across operations.

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