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Discover the Future of Your Equipment: Beyond Analytics, Towards Insight

You can see the story of your equipment unfold through our reports and analytics. You can also understand performance, spot trends, and make critical decisions all in one place.


Equipment Usage, Clearly Defined

This feature lets you see quickly how your equipment is being used. Find out which machines are working hard and which need more use. This information is critical for better project planning, ensuring every piece of equipment is just where it needs to be, reducing idle time, and saving costs.

Machine Activity, Transparently Presented

Get the latest details on how your construction equipment is used on the job site. This helps you spot if the equipment is sitting around or something is being used more than expected. This information lets you adjust your equipment to match your project's needs, ensuring everything is well-spent.


Watch Health, Keep Balance

Keep track of the condition of your machines easily. This feature alerts you about any issues before they turn into big problems. Catching problems early means less downtime for repairs, keeping your project moving without unexpected stops.

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Insights for Action, Reports for Reflection

Get Report that show you how your equipment is spread across projects. This makes planning easier and ensures that the right equipment is used on the right project at the right time, making your work more efficient and avoiding delays.


Custom Reports, Personalized Perspectives

Create reports that show exactly what you need to see. This means you can focus on the most critical information for your project, helping you make better choices without wasting time on details that don't matter to you.

Know Costs, Save More

Keep an eye on what you're spending on your equipment. This tool makes it simple to see where your money is going, which helps you plan your budget better and cut down on unnecessary costs.


Share Insights, Strengthen Teams

Easy report sharing lets your team see what you're seeing. When everyone knows what's happening, it's easier to work together and ensure everything gets done correctly and on time.

Project Intelligence, Precise Information

Look into how equipment is used on each of your projects. This will allow you to fine-tune how you manage your equipment for every job, ensuring everything is used in the best way possible, improving job performance, and cutting down on waste.


Benefits of Clue's Reports and Analytic Software

Smart Care, Complete Calm

With Clue, monitoring your equipment warranties becomes straightforward. You can quickly see which items are under warranty and which are about to expire. This feature helps you plan your maintenance better, avoid unexpected repair bills, and keep your machinery operational.

Performance Insights, Swift Sharing

Clue simplifies sharing updates and performance reports, allowing for quick dissemination of information within your team. This ensures everyone stays updated on equipment status, facilitating quicker decisions and keeping projects moving without delays.

Maintenance Made Mindful

Clue provides a comprehensive overview of preventive maintenance tasks, making managing your equipment's upkeep easier. By having all maintenance activities in one view, you can avoid equipment failures and extend the life of your machinery, ensuring the smooth operation of your projects.

Here are some common questions

What is Equipment Management Reports & Analytics Software?

It's designed to help monitor and analyze equipment performance. This software provides insights into health, utilization, and maintenance needs. Clue enhances this with tailored analytics and intelligence for better operational efficiency.

How can it improve my business operations?

It offers detailed analytics for informed maintenance and deployment decisions, improving efficiency and reducing downtime. Clue adds predictive maintenance planning, further minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment lifespan.

Is Clue's Equipment Management Software compatible with mobile devices?

While specific mobile compatibility isn't detailed in the document, Clue focuses on innovative solutions, suggesting a likelihood of mobile compatibility to ensure accessibility and convenience for users on-the-go.

Can I customize reports in Clue's Equipment Management Software?

Customization is a common feature in such software to meet various business needs. Although not explicitly mentioned, Clue's approach to providing valuable insights likely includes customizable reporting features.

How does Clue's software integrate with other business systems?

Integration capabilities are crucial for modern software solutions to ensure seamless data flow between different systems. While specifics are not provided, Clue's updates indicate ongoing developments and enhancements, suggesting a focus on interoperability with other business systems for streamlined operations.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“We saved over $1m in our first year alone using Clue... and we transitioned [our mechanics] from 2 services a day to 6 services a day thanks to Clue."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
“Clue makes stuff a lot faster...the foremen and everybody in operations loves Clue."
Jeremy Spivey
Shop Foreman, Silver Star Construction
"Before we started using Clue, there was a lot of running around, leaving my desk, making phone calls. We were constantly having the foreman or technicians email us or call us with that information to manually enter that."
Amber Smith
Equipment Maintenance Scheduler, Silver Star Construction
“Our management team loves the app... they’re able to see what our fleets are doing, when they’re not even on the job.”
Brittany Burpee
Project Manager, Graham
"10 years ago we didn't know where anything was really. Matter of fact, we lost a scraper for one year!"
Rusty Warrick
Planner, Silver Star Construction
"Within 20 minutes you can fully explain to any individual regardless of their technological background how to effectively use the tool."
Joseph Yammine
Project Manager, Graham
“The most useful piece of information that I’m getting from Clue’s probably the replay functionality: being able to see what this truck did in the day, where it went around, all that captured in a quick video is really awesome to see."
Damian Trueman
Project Coordinator, Graham
"This is like a future kind-of-thing: you're seeing stuff happening 10 km away and you you can see that in your phone. It's very futuristic."
Shair Haque
Project Coordinator, Graham
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
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"We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue... We transitioned from two services a day to six services a day, drastically boosting our operational efficiency."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Purchasing &
Maintenance, Palmetto
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"It's saving time, wear and tear on trucks, aggravation, accuracy of getting to jobs, finding what quarter of the job it might be sitting on - that stuff is HUGE."
Travis Potts
Equipment Ops Manager, Igel Co.
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