Equipment management for oil tankers and large oil fields
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Large equipment management for oil and gas

Reduce costs and increase Profits

Oil and gas operations need effective budget control measures to limit the impact of volatile oil and gas prices. Clue sends you idle reports, payroll summaries, and fleet health updates, which allow you to manage your budget more effectively, lower your costs, and increase your profits.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize unexpected equipment breakdowns.
  • Reduce unnecessary idle time.
  • Operating cost management and planning.

Allocate your equipment to right projects

On large oil and gas fields, it’s almost too easy to misplace even the heaviest of machinery, and once it’s lost, tracking it down costs you money and time. Clue tracks the locations of your equipment for you, so you always know where to find something when you need it.

Key Benefits

  • Track any type of powered or unpowered assets.
  • Monitor equipment availability and easily assign by projects.
  • Check payload or performance of equipment.
Heavy oil and gas equipment

Locate employees easily and track crew work hours

Managing employee work hours via paper timesheets or over email is time-consuming and can result in payroll errors. Clue’s digital time clock system allows you to capture employee work hours faster and more accurately than paper. It also tracks employee location to ensure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Key Benefits

  • Digital time cards integrated with ERP and accounting systems.
  • Safety zone settings.
  • Crew activity alerts.


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