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Access Anywhere, Anytime: Build and Manage Intuitively, Right From Your Phone

Clue brings your projects to life on your phone. Just tap to manage, update, and oversee progress. It's crafted to make your tasks clearer and enhance project success, integrating into your workflow without friction.

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Set Up in Seconds

Start managing your projects directly. Clue's apps for iOS and Android make setup quick so you can begin overseeing your tasks immediately. No complicated steps, just pure function. Designed for the earthwork industry, it integrates with your daily routines, improving productivity.

Quick Sign-In

Forget about usernames and passwords. With Clue, your phone number is your key. A quick verification code sent to your mobile grants access, keeping things secure and simple. This ease of access ensures that every team member can stay connected.

Solid and Secure

Your project data is vital. That's why Clue ensures only approved users have access. Our strong security measures keep your information safe but accessible to you and your team. It's peace of mind, knowing your project data is secure.

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Mobile Entry

Secure Login

Instant Updates

Work Anywhere

Project View

Team Share

Data Insight

Equipment operations hour by hour dashboard.

Inspect Off the Grid

Don't let connectivity limit you. Clue's offline mode lets you conduct inspections in remote locations. Once back online, your data syncs without delay. It ensures your project progress is documented, no matter where you are.

Complete Connectivity Suite

View your entire project landscape at once. Clue's clear interface brings together all your project details, offering you a complete overview without the clutter. It's about maximizing visibility and control with ease.

Harmonious Team Sync

Teamwork happens at the moment with Clue. Share updates, assign tasks, and communicate with your crew instantly. It's about keeping everyone informed, regardless of their location. This collaborative environment drives project success.

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Direct Update Sync

Stay up-to-date without extra effort. Clue delivers the newest app updates directly, skipping the usual app store delays. You're constantly equipped with the freshest features. It's progress that matches your pace.

Insightful Data Clarity

Make decisions with confidence using Clue. Access up-to-date data on asset use, project progress, and more. It's information that not only informs but also guides your project to success. Make your decisions with data that's as current as your projects.

Benefits of Clue’s Software for iOS & Android Apps

On-the-Go Project Management

With Clue, your projects move with you. Our mobile apps ensure that control is always within reach. Manage, adjust, and oversee your projects from anywhere, ensuring that no detail is overlooked, even when you're away from the desk.

Instant Secure Access

Step into your project space with just your phone number. Clue eliminates the need for complex logins while keeping your data secure. It’s project management made personal and protected, tailored to the fast-paced, on-the-go nature of your work.

Continuous Innovation, No Interruptions

Your Clue app stays ahead without the wait. We bypass traditional update channels to bring you the latest features and fixes directly. It's about keeping your tools as current and adaptable as the industry you lead, without ever slowing you down.

Clue App for Easy Construction

Build with confidence, manage with ease. Clue App brings your construction world into focus – straightforward, no fuss. Track progress, coordinate teams, and nail every deadline. Get building, get Clue.

Insightful Analytics
Real-Time Tracking
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Here are some common questions

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

Fleet management software simplifies vehicle management, enhances tracking, ensures proper maintenance, and improves fuel efficiency. Specifically, Clue's solutions are designed for the construction industry, providing tools that help manage fleets more efficiently, ensuring vehicles and equipment are well-maintained and cost-effective.

What are the types of fleet management software?

Fleet management software varies, focusing on tracking, maintenance, and management. Clue integrates these functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution for the construction industry that improves operational control and visibility.

How does fleet management help the construction industry?

It ensures construction vehicles and equipment are optimally utilized, reducing unnecessary maintenance or fuel expenses and Clue's platform is built to meet these industry-specific needs, featuring advanced tracking and management capabilities to streamline operations.

How does construction fleet management software help in maintenance and repair scheduling?

The software provides reminders for maintenance, tracks vehicle health, and assists in scheduling repairs. Clue's system is tailored to prevent minor issues from escalating, ensuring your fleet remains in top condition.

Is it possible to manage and track equipment rental through the software?

Yes, the software allows for efficient tracking of rental equipment, managing who rents what and for how long. Clue enhances this process, ensuring rental management is straightforward and free from scheduling conflicts.

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Single Pane of Glass

See your entire project in one view with a Single Pane of Glass, making management simple and unified.

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Dispatch with precision, assigning tasks to teams easily, ensuring every job is on track.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance keeps your equipment in top shape, avoiding downtime and costly delays.

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Utilize every asset to its fullest with Utilization insights, optimizing your resources for every project.

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Work Orders

Create and manage Work Orders with ease, ensuring tasks are clear and accountability is maintained.

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Conduct Inspections with confidence, upholding the highest standards for safety and quality on every site.

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Promote sustainability in your projects, using tools that help reduce waste and support eco-friendly practices.

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