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Unlock your growth 
through data and AI

Our mission at Clue is to transform construction into a more innovative and productive industry.

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Maximize productivity,
Minimize downtime.
Your entire fleet on
one platform.

Get a single pane of glass view of your entire operation. Clue gives you regular updates on fleet productivity, utilization, maintenance, work orders, and performance analysis – no matter the make, model, or year.

Clue Insights Fleet ManagementClue Insights Daily Insights ScreenClue Insights Maintenance
Construction GPS tracking


What gets measured gets managed. By connecting and standardizing all of your data in one place, you can easily monitor asset performance – for 100% of your equipment, vehicles, tools, and crew.

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Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software


Management leads to optimization. With real-time insights about your asset productivity, utilization, work orders, and maintenance, you can make your operation as efficient and profitable as possible.

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Reduce Construction Equipment TCO


Optimization reduces total cost of ownership. Clue helps you make informed decisions about assets – which ones to reallocate, swap, avoid, rent out, or sell – based on both your historical data and planned projects.

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What our customers say about Clue:

"Having everything all in one place has been a real game-changer for us. We estimate saving $1M using Clue in our first year."

Darrin, Director of Equipment & Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
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“Clue collects and standardizes the telematic data from the OEM systems to allow me to compare everything side by side, saving hours of manual data handling every week.”

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What makes Clue so different?

Here is why our clients chose us over the competition:

Existing solutions


Incompatible with certain makes and models or machines too old for telematics

Compatible with 100% of your existing assets
– No matter the make, model, or year

Use multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other

All-in-one platform for core activities
– Fleet utilization, maintenance, location tracking, asset allocation, and more

Too much data and not enough insight

Tailor-made analysis
- Customized suggestions for improving operations based on insights from your data

Complicated onboarding process and unresponsive customer service

Zero training or implementation required
- Easy-to-use solution with a dedicated success manager for life

What makes Clue so different?

Here’s why people chose us over the competition

Compatible with any type/year/brand of assets
Manages fleet utilization and maintenance in one platform
Increases productivity and reduces downtime
Provides actionable insights through data and AI
Integrates with other construction systems
Generates reports tailor-made to your operation
Dedicated 24/7 customer success manager
Unlimited numbers of users
No implementation or training required

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Award winning fleet management platform

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