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Digital Inspections, Efficient Workshops, Seamless Maintenance

Clue digitalizes your shop's workflow, from inspection reports to maintenance planning, without the clutter of spreadsheets. Easily assign tasks, view service histories, and manage inventory, making every mechanic more efficient.

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Parts Analysis

Optimized parts management for efficient maintenance planning.

Service Prompter

Real-time alerts for maintenance tasks to avoid any operational hitches.

Inventory Navigator

Simplified inventory tracking for efficient supply and demand alignment.

Instant Digital Inspection Reports

Digital inspection reports delivered directly to you. Get comprehensive reports delivered straight to your device, ensuring no detail is missed. Equip your team with information that drives action.

Organize & Tackle Orders

Easily assign and schedule work orders. Our intuitive interface cuts through the complexity, making it simple to keep your operations advancing.

Automated fleet management and streamlined maintenance

Maintenance, Plain and Clear

Revamp preventive maintenance with our direct solution. Skip spreadsheets; meticulously plan your maintenance, ensuring your equipment's longevity and reliability.

Easy Service History View

Clue reveal the narrative of your equipment with direct access to service histories. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive overview of past maintenance, all centralized for convenience.

Work order sample screen

Mechanics Work Magic

Raise your mechanics' work quality to new peaks. Supply them with the information they need, minimizing idle times and enhancing productivity. This is about making work more efficient in a novel way.

Quick Timecard Checks

Optimize timecard management like never before. Review, approve, and process with unparalleled ease, ensuring a direct link to payroll. Accuracy meets efficiency.

Equipment operations hour by hour dashboard.
Parts inventory by shop.

Inventory, Simply Handled

Take control of your parts and inventory with unmatched precision. Our system gives you the visibility and management capabilities to ensure you're always prepared.

Ready for Tomorrow

With Clue, planning for the future is not just easier—it's smarter. Anticipate needs, schedule maintenance, and stay ahead of the curve. Your fleet, optimized.

Benefits of Clue’s Software for Shop Managers

Click, Inspect, Done

Step into the digital age with Clue's streamlined inspections. Our platform turns complex checks into digital reports, directly accessible in real-time. This shift not only improves accuracy but also significantly cuts down the time spent on manual entries, allowing you to concentrate on your operations

Smooth Operations, Peak Performance

Clue eases your scheduling, turning it into a fluid process. By carefully matching work orders with your team and equipment, our system ensures every job is allocated properly, reducing idle times and increasing work rate. This clear arrangement of tasks brings tranquility to the bustling daily operations.

Maintain Momentum, Prevent Downtime

With Clue, understand your equipment's condition through clear service histories. This knowledge supports maintenance planning, keeping your fleet in prime shape. By foreseeing needs and organizing maintenance wisely, you can prevent unexpected stops and maintain steady operations.

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