With VisionLink, users get clear, actionable insights that assist customers of all sizes in managing their assets more effectively. It helps maximize uptime, increase utilization, reduce overall owning and operating costs, and much more.

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Power Up with VisionLink CONNECT

At its most basic level, VisionLink provides core telematics data from your assets to help manage operating costs. Clue connects with VisionLink and helps increase efficiency by offering daily information about asset location and hours, lowers fuel costs by tracking fuel utilization and working versus idle time, reduces unplanned downtime with maintenance reminders and diagnostic alert codes, and helps achieve a smaller carbon footprint with emissions calculations, facilitating easier compliance reporting.

Integrate with Visionlink
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Visionlink Integration Features

  • Manage your entire fleet from one easy-to-use application, regardless of brand, asset type, or ownership status.
  • Improve maintenance support and cut down on unplanned downtime with comprehensive maintenance management.
  • Easily request service from your local Cat Dealer and buy parts through seamless integration with Parts.Cat.Com and Cat Central.
  • Reduce idle time and fuel burn by monitoring these metrics and the resulting CO2 emissions to cut costs and reach sustainability goals.
  • Maximize uptime with continuous monitoring of key health indicators like fluid samples, inspection results, and fault codes to catch issues early.
  • Get alerts for low fuel levels and discrepancies between inventory and usage rates to manage fuel expenses better.
  • Track asset locations with VisionLink’s reporting options, from daily updates to real-time site entry and exit alerts, ensuring assets are where they need to be when needed.

Visionlink x Clue Benefits

Primary Odometer
Secondary Meter
Vendor Location Alerts
Proactive Fuel Management