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Clue Keeps Every Team & Project On Track, Clear & Connected, From Start To Finish

Clue helps Project Managers efficiently manage equipment and costs, streamline requests, and offers real-time insights plus maintenance alerts to ensure projects progress smoothly.

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Efficient Scheduling

Plan projects with ease and assign resources efficiently, ensuring every piece of equipment is used optimally to avoid under-utilization and unnecessary rentals.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Monitor project progress and equipment costs in real-time, from fuel consumption to machine hours, to maintain tight control over your budget.

Proactive Equipment Management

Stay ahead with Clue's alerts for operators and foremen, reducing downtime and scheduling maintenance before issues escalate.

Keep It Straight

Clue ensures that every project component functions as intended, allowing project managers to quickly correct any irregularities. This effective method enhances project execution, keeping all aspects in line with the overall plan.

Work Better Together

Clue turns project confusion into a structured workflow. Assets and equipment are easily accessible and manageable, enabling project managers to blend tasks effectively and maintain productivity without breaks.

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Keep It Running

Clue enables project managers with data-driven insights for informed budgeting. By providing a detailed analysis of expenses, Clue aids in identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimizing resource allocation for financial productivity and project prosperity.

Future-Proof It

Equip your projects with insight. Clue provides project managers and planners with insights to predict upcoming needs and challenges, turning potential challenges into planned strategies for continuous project progression.

Stay Informed

Stay connected to your project's core activities with Clue's real-time updates. Immediate access to the latest data enables project managers to make informed, timely decisions that keep the project moving forward energetically.

Fix It First

Minimize downtime with Clue's proactive alerts. These timely notifications help prevent minor issues from becoming bigger problems, ensuring the project moves forward without interruption.

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Plan, Save, Thrive

Clue provides a clear insight into equipment maintenance schedules, assisting project managers in maintaining optimal operational readiness. This visibility turns equipment maintenance from a complicated task into a smooth process.

Together, Better

Clue builds a team-centered environment by aligning individual efforts towards a shared target. It encourages teamwork, highlighting the importance of each member's contributions to the overall success, promoting a unified method for project management.

Crew and people on a map

Benefits of Clue Software for Project Managers

See It All

Clue gives you a clear picture of what’s happening in your project. It’s like having a map that shows where everything and everyone is, making it easier for you to make quick decisions without getting bogged down in details.

Equip Right Place

It helps you manage equipment and machines better. You can easily figure out which piece of equipment should go where and make sure it gets there, helping you avoid delays and keep the work moving smoothly.

Track Every Use

With Clue, you can see how much you’re using your equipment and make sure it’s being used properly for the job it’s meant to do. This way, you can make the best use of what you have, avoiding waste and saving money.

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