Turn Every Idle Moment into Opportunity that Drive Direct Results

With Clue, idle time becomes a chance to gear up for what's next. We help you see and improve how every piece of equipment is used, making sure nothing sits without purpose. It's about getting the most out of your gear, making every moment count towards your project's success.

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Equipment maintenance dashboard

Clarity Leads to Action

Clue gives you a complete look at how your equipment's used, making it easy to see where you can jump into action. It's about making smart moves based on clear info

Set and Hit Your Usage Goals

Setting up goals for how much your equipment should be used is simple with Clue. Whether it's for your whole setup, specific types of gear, or particular jobs, we make sure you're aiming for real results.

Smarter Alerts, Better Decisions

Clue turns alerts from basic notifications into prompts for meaningful action. When your fleet gives hints, you'll notice a strong signal, encouraging assets that are not often used back into productivity with ease and simplicity.

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Discover Clue's Best Features for Utilization

See Fleet Clearly

Assets in Tune

Achieve Every Target

Meaningful Alerts

Fleet Flexibility

Fleet Harmony

Maximize Every Penny

Assets Always Ready

Asset operation dashboard

Real-Time Usage Insights

Keep an eye on how your equipment's being used, so you can make quick adjustments.

Reduce Costs, Increase Value

Reduce rental costs with the precision of Clue. It's about making every penny count, ensuring your investments in rental equipment are just that – investments, not expenses.

Automated Under-Usage Alerts

Get automatic updates if your gear's sitting idle too long, so you can act fast.

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Smart Scheduling for Availability

Know when your equipment's free and mark it ready for the next task.

Track Usage Your Way

Control your fleet with Clue. Monitor how your equipment's used, by engine hours or manual reports from your team.

Benefits of Clue’s for Small to Mid Size Contractors

Make Every Moment Work for You

With Clue, every piece of equipment gets its chance to shine. We help you keep everything moving, reducing downtime and saving on costs.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Rentals

By understanding your equipment's usage, Clue helps you decide when to use what you own instead of renting, keeping more money in your pocket.

Know Your Equipment's Ready

Clue tells you when your gear's not being used and makes it easy to get it ready for the next job, ensuring you're always prepared for what's coming up.

Clue App for Easy Construction

Build with confidence, manage with ease. Clue App brings your construction world into focus – straightforward, no fuss. Track progress, coordinate teams, and nail every deadline. Get building, get Clue.

Insightful Analytics
Real-Time Tracking
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Here are some common questions

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

Fleet management software simplifies vehicle management, enhances tracking, ensures proper maintenance, and improves fuel efficiency. Specifically, Clue's solutions are designed for the construction industry, providing tools that help manage fleets more efficiently, ensuring vehicles and equipment are well-maintained and cost-effective.

What are the types of fleet management software?

Fleet management software varies, focusing on tracking, maintenance, and management. Clue integrates these functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution for the construction industry that improves operational control and visibility.

How does fleet management help the construction industry?

It ensures construction vehicles and equipment are optimally utilized, reducing unnecessary maintenance or fuel expenses and Clue's platform is built to meet these industry-specific needs, featuring advanced tracking and management capabilities to streamline operations.

How does construction fleet management software help in maintenance and repair scheduling?

The software provides reminders for maintenance, tracks vehicle health, and assists in scheduling repairs. Clue's system is tailored to prevent minor issues from escalating, ensuring your fleet remains in top condition.

Is it possible to manage and track equipment rental through the software?

Yes, the software allows for efficient tracking of rental equipment, managing who rents what and for how long. Clue enhances this process, ensuring rental management is straightforward and free from scheduling conflicts.

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Explore Other Features

Single Pane of Glass

See your entire project in one view with a Single Pane of Glass, making management simple and unified.

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Dispatch with precision, assigning tasks to teams easily, ensuring every job is on track.

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Easily allocate resources and monitor job status to run a more productive operation

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance keeps your equipment in top shape, avoiding downtime and costly delays.

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Work Orders

Create and manage Work Orders with ease, ensuring tasks are clear and accountability is maintained.

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Conduct Inspections with confidence, upholding the highest standards for safety and quality on every site.

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iOS & Android Apps

Stay connected with Clue's iOS & Android Apps, bringing project management to your fingertips wherever you are.

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Promote sustainability in your projects, using tools that help reduce waste and support eco-friendly practices.

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