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Track, Maintain, and Manage Your assets with Just a Click

Step into a space where managing your equipment is intuitive. Oversee tasks, from checks to upkeep, and focus your resources on elevating your business.

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Optimized Equipment Utilization

Efficiently manage your equipment, ensuring each piece is optimally utilized, enhancing project flow

Adaptive Operations

With Clue, your operations gain the flexibility needed to meet the demands of any construction task, big or small.

Resource Efficiency

Every resource counts with Clue. Optimize the use of your equipment, driving project success while minimizing waste.

All-in-One Management Platform

From single asset to extensive equipment arrays, manage them all on Clue’s unified platform, designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

Hardware, Connected Easily

Whether you opt for our robust tracking devices or prefer to integrate your existing hardware, Clue ensures seamless synergy. Our platform is designed for adaptability, welcoming all equipment into one dashboard. Your gear, your choice, our support.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Tackle the maintenance tasks with ease. Clue's thorough solution takes care of your assets from regular check-ups to essential repairs, ensuring they're ready for every job. With downtime minimized, your projects move like well-oiled machines.

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Growth-Ready Solutions

Clue is not just software; it's a scalable solution designed to grow with you. From managing a single asset to overseeing hundreds, our platform adapts to your pace, your size, and your ambitions.

Inspections, On Point

With Clue, checking your equipment and organizing tasks is simple. It's designed to help you spot issues early and keep your projects moving forward, ensuring you're always on track. This way, you can focus more on the work at hand without any unnecessary complications.

Quick and Clever Fixes

In the world of construction, time is as valuable as the soil you move. Clue is crafted to reclaim your hours, automating the minutiae so you can dedicate more moments to what matters—molding the earth to match your vision.

All Within Sight

Keep a close eye on your equipment, no matter where your projects take you. Clue's real-time tracking and updates mean you're always informed, ensuring peace of mind and the security of your assets. It's not just management; it's control.

Benefits of Clue’s for Small to Mid Size Contractors

Grow Smart, Not Big

With Clue, manage a vast range of equipment without the need for a larger team. Our intuitive system enables effective management with ease.

Unified Equipment Oversight

Bring your equipment management under one digital roof with Clue, transforming tracking from a chore into a simple, streamlined process.

Proactive Equipment Protection

Enhance your equipment’s security with Clue’s automated geofence alerts, proactively safeguarding your assets and ensuring compliance.

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Equipment Manager

Manage all equipment in one view, avoid costly downtime, and go digital.

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Easily allocate resources and monitor job status to run a more productive operation

Shop Manager

Digitally handle inspections, work orders, and inventory management effortlessly.

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Access service history and timecards in one efficiency-enhancing app.

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Optimize efficiency and asset utilization with comprehensive operational insights.

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Streamline financials from timecards to asset management, monitoring costs effectively.

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VP Operations

Manage equipment costs and utilization with real-time operational data.

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Quickly allocate resources and streamline dispatch with digital efficiency.

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IT Leaders

Minimize IT overhead with seamless integrations and easy data access.

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Project Manager

Control costs and maximize efficiency with real-time data and maintenance alerts.

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Locate and fuel equipment efficiently with precise directions.

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Engineers working


Manage on-site equipment efficiently with real-time updates and requests.

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Inspect and report on equipment quickly with a user-friendly app.

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Construction Equipment asset management software that ensures your equipment is always operating.


Streamline operations with integrated systems, trusted by construction leaders.

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Clue executive team at Conexpo 2023

Joint Ventures

Manage joint equipment with unified telematics data, reducing operational costs.

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Small to Mid Size Contractors

Simplify equipment management on a single platform, enhancing efficiency.

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