Clue ties together projects, equipment, and teams for clear, smooth success

Clue makes big projects, equipment, and teams work together well. It's clear, easy, and gets the job done. With Clue, success is part of your daily work, making everything more manageable and united.

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All in One View

Easily view all your equipment and systems in one spot.

Full Equipment Control

Handle all your equipment tasks from one end to the other with ease.

Crew-Friendly Equipment

Equip your teams with software that is easy is use and fits their daily tasks.

Best practice dashboard design for construction equipment management software

A Complete Equipment Management Software

Move from manual spreadsheets to dynamic, automated reporting and intuitive dashboards. Our comprehensive equipment management solution offers a unified app experience that operators, mechanics, and foremen will not only love but use daily, transforming the efficiency of your construction operations from the ground up.

The Essential Daily App

Our app is built for the people making it happen on the ground. It makes their day-to-day life easier, improving their ability to get things done. It's the asset they'll open first thing and depend on throughout the entire day, every day.

User management screen

All Your Assets, One Screen

See all your telematics, GPS, and ERP systems, including Viewpoint Vista, HCSS, and Oracle JD Edwards E1,into one view with our platform. It brings everything together smoothly, so you can get the whole picture without juggling different systems.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

The US's largest construction companies, including the Walsh Group and Vinci (Eurovia), rely on our software to enhance their operations. Join the ranks of industry leaders and pave your own path to success with our proven solutions.

Work order sample screen

Maintenance, Simply Managed

Our software makes maintenance scheduling and tracking easier. It enables precise knowledge of when and what requires maintenance, ensuring your equipment is always in optimal condition, reducing unnecessary downtime.

Fuel Use, Clearly Tracked

Get a handle on fuel usage with clarity. Our module explores consumption details, offering insights that can lead to cost savings and performance improvements. Its fuel management was made easy, without the complications.

Equipment Where You Need It

Ensure your equipment is exactly where it needs to be with our dispatch module. It's about managing deployments using real-time data to minimize delays and increase productivity, making every move count.

Smooth Rental Flow

Track your rentals without the headache. Our rental management module lays out all you need to know, from costs to schedules, making rental management simple and more efficient than ever.

Benefits of Clue’s Software for Enterprises

Your Project, One View

Clue unifies your project assets, providing a single, unified view for complete oversight. It makes complex tasks manageable, offering clarity and saving time, making management feel easier.

Decide with a Smile

Clue transforms raw data into clear, actionable insights. It cuts through the noise, offering simple yet powerful guidance for your project decisions. This means less time deciphering data and more time focusing on progress.

Teams Click Together

With Clue, team collaboration improves. It ensures everyone, from operators to managers, stays in sync. The platform supports a connected team environment, making it easier to share updates, track progress, and maintain project momentum.

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Equipment Manager

Manage all equipment in one view, avoid costly downtime, and go digital.

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Shop Manager

Digitally handle inspections, work orders, and inventory management effortlessly.

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Access service history and timecards in one efficiency-enhancing app.

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Optimize efficiency and asset utilization with comprehensive operational insights.

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Streamline financials from timecards to asset management, monitoring costs effectively.

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Large equipment management for oil and gas

VP Operations

Manage equipment costs and utilization with real-time operational data.

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Quickly allocate resources and streamline dispatch with digital efficiency.

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IT Leaders

Minimize IT overhead with seamless integrations and easy data access.

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Project Manager

Control costs and maximize efficiency with real-time data and maintenance alerts.

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Locate and fuel equipment efficiently with precise directions.

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Engineers working


Manage on-site equipment efficiently with real-time updates and requests.

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Inspect and report on equipment quickly with a user-friendly app.

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Construction Equipment asset management software that ensures your equipment is always operating.


Streamline operations with integrated systems, trusted by construction leaders.

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Clue executive team at Conexpo 2023

Joint Ventures

Manage joint equipment with unified telematics data, reducing operational costs.

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Small to Mid Size Contractors

Simplify equipment management on a single platform, enhancing efficiency.

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