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Track Progress, Manage Teams, Drive Efficiencies Across All Projects

See how Clue makes managing your equipment easy, turning every project into a success. From the first equipment pick-up to the final task completion, we're here to help you lead with clarity and achieve more with less.

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Resource Allocation

Direct assets where needed most, balancing demand and availability with ease.

Financial Oversight

Track every dollar, manage costs, and guide your way to better financial health.

Workflow Integration

Merge teams and equipment in a unified workflow, keeping projects moving smoothly.

Every Asset, Perfectly Placed

From the smallest equipement to the largest machinery, oversee every asset across regions, projects, and job sites. Ease your operations and keep track of your entire inventory in one place, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Pinch Pennies, Not Progress

Keep your budget in check without slowing down. Watch and handle every bit of spending on equipment, from how much fuel you use to what you pay for rentals, making sure you use your money wisely and avoid wasting it.

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Click, Equip, Construct

Enable your team to move at the pace of your projects. With Clue, you can quickly request the equipment you need and signal availability, making operations more efficient and keeping projects on track.

See. Decide. Act.

Stay informed with live updates on every aspect of your job sites. Real-time data puts you in the control room of every project, allowing for informed decisions and agile management.

Equipment operations hour by hour dashboard.

Your Inventory, Crystal Clear

Easily manage your inventory with our clear system. It tracks what you have and where it's located, making sure you're always organized, well-prepared, and ready for anything.

Scheduling, Solved

Assigning equipment to projects has never been easier. Our user-friendly platform shows you what's available, who's using it, and when, allowing for efficient planning and utilization.

Cost Clarity, Profit Precision

Keep your finances in clear view with Clue's cost tracking. From maintenance to manpower, understand where your money is going and how to optimize your spending for better returns.

Safe and Sound, Round the Clock

With Clue, safety is never an afterthought. Log incidents, track compliance, and maintain the highest safety standards effortlessly, ensuring peace of mind for you and your team.

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Benefits of Clue’s Software for VP Operations

Insights & Decisions, Clear

Open up the complete story of your assets. With Clue, every piece of equipment shares its story of performance, usage, and readiness. Look into detailed histories and make choices based on facts, not guesses.

Budget Brilliance

Wave goodbye to budget blues. Clue turns financial fog into clarity, giving you a comprehensive overview of your expenses. Understand every cost, from fuel to forks, and guide your projects toward greater profitability.

Perfect Coordination

Say hello to uninterrupted operations. Clue bridges the gap between need and availability, ensuring your team has what they need, when they need it. It's not just about managing equipment; it's about coordinating success.

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