Tap, Snap, and Map: Improve Your Inspections to Reach Perfection

Using our user-friendly tool, you automatically identify nearby assets and report issues with one click. Clue's customizable templates make inspections thorough and compliant, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems for optimal asset management.

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Quick Inspection Launch

Begin inspections easily. Our app identifies the nearest asset with a tap, directing your process. It's designed for convenience, turning complex tasks into manageable ones for professionals at any skill level.

Simple Breakdown Alerts

Report equipment issues with a single click. Our system ensures quick documentation and communication of breakdowns, speeding up the repair process to keep your operations running continuously.

Custom Checklists

Our adaptable inspection templates are tailored to your specific requirements. Operators can benefit from using forms designed for various asset types, improving productivity and adherence to standards. These versatile templates allow for in-depth inspections to be conducted with ease.

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Discover Clue's Best Features for Inspections

Tap to Start Inspections

One-Click Problem Reporting

Adaptable Inspection Forms

Precise Location Tracking

Visual Evidence Capture

Distinct Issue Logging

Regulation Compliance Checks

Direct Maintenance Requests

Add Photos and Videos

Collect critical visual evidence with ease. Our system supports photo and video capture during inspections, allowing for a thorough review from every angle. This capability ensures everything is noticed.

Easy Issue Logs

Say goodbye to repeat issue reports. Our platform highlights pending repairs prevent duplication and ensures every reported issue is unique and tracked until resolution.

Stay Regulation Ready

Meet OSHA and DOT requirements with ease. Our system is designed to keep your inspections compliant, with easy export options for thorough project oversight. Stay ahead of regulations with confidence.

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Track Inspection Locations

Record exact start and end points of inspections with our location tracking feature. This detail adds a layer of accountability and precision to your inspection process, ensuring comprehensive asset management.

Quick Maintenance Setup

Convert inspection findings into action. Generate maintenance requests and work orders directly from inspection issues, partly automating your workflow. This integration assists in prioritizing and addressing problems promptly.

Benefits of Clue’s Software for Inspection

Speedy Repair Workflow

Mechanics can instantly receive maintenance requests and work orders directly from the field, reducing paperwork and enabling faster response to critical issues. This direct line of communication ensures that repairs are prioritized and addressed swiftly, enhancing overall fleet uptime.

Clear Equipment Records

Gain access to a detailed historical record for each piece of equipment, including past inspections, reported issues, and maintenance actions. This wealth of information supports better diagnostic insights and informed decision-making, allowing for more accurate and quicker repairs.

Easy System Integration

Clue integrates with major equipment management systems, including eMaint and HCSS Equipment360. This connectivity means mechanics can easily sync inspection data, maintenance schedules, and repair records across platforms, ensuring a unified and updated view of each asset's health and status.

Clue App for Easy Construction

Build with confidence, manage with ease. Clue App brings your construction world into focus – straightforward, no fuss. Track progress, coordinate teams, and nail every deadline. Get building, get Clue.

Insightful Analytics
Real-Time Tracking
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Here are some common questions

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

Fleet management software simplifies vehicle management, enhances tracking, ensures proper maintenance, and improves fuel efficiency. Specifically, Clue's solutions are designed for the construction industry, providing tools that help manage fleets more efficiently, ensuring vehicles and equipment are well-maintained and cost-effective.

What are the types of fleet management software?

Fleet management software varies, focusing on tracking, maintenance, and management. Clue integrates these functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution for the construction industry that improves operational control and visibility.

How does fleet management help the construction industry?

It ensures construction vehicles and equipment are optimally utilized, reducing unnecessary maintenance or fuel expenses and Clue's platform is built to meet these industry-specific needs, featuring advanced tracking and management capabilities to streamline operations.

How does construction fleet management software help in maintenance and repair scheduling?

The software provides reminders for maintenance, tracks vehicle health, and assists in scheduling repairs. Clue's system is tailored to prevent minor issues from escalating, ensuring your fleet remains in top condition.

Is it possible to manage and track equipment rental through the software?

Yes, the software allows for efficient tracking of rental equipment, managing who rents what and for how long. Clue enhances this process, ensuring rental management is straightforward and free from scheduling conflicts.

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