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Drive Your Dispatch Operations with Clue's Practical Solutions for Tangible Outcomes

Simplify team coordination with our Dispatch Management solution. Make tasks easier, work together smoothly, and get more done. Experience smoother operations and better productivity today.


Touch to Allocate Equipment

Before work starts, decide which machines and equipment must go where. Clue lets equipment managers plan and prepare by picking assets for each project in advance.

Drag, Drop, Schedule Deliveries

Once you know what needs to move, Clue makes it simple to organize transport. With a straightforward drag-and-drop feature, you can assign equipment to trucks heading to your job sites, whether they're vehicles from your fleet or rented ones.


Plan Transports Easily

Avoid the back-and-forth calls and emails usually needed to get your equipment where it's needed. Clue's dispatch tools reduce the hassle, letting you focus more on the work and less on logistics.

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Snap Adjustments, Quick Fixes

Things change fast on the ground. Clue's flexible dispatch system means you can make quick adjustments to transport plans, ensuring the right equipment gets to the right site on time, even when plans change.


Journey Insight, Equipment Tracked

Keep an eye on your machinery as it moves. Clue provides clear tracking assets allocated to each project, including their transport status, so you're always aware of where your equipment is.

Easy Vendor Connections

Working with rental companies or transport contractors is easier with Clue. Assign their trucks to your jobs using a simple drag-and-drop menu. This ensures effective coordination with external partners without complications.


Transparent Cost Tracking

Track the costs associated with moving equipment to keep your project on budget. Clue's dispatch management tools can help you oversee these expenses, making it easier to manage your project finances.

Optimized Transport Use

Maximize the efficiency of your transport logistics. By planning and tracking equipment movement with Clue, you ensure trucks aren't wasted on unnecessary trips, saving time and fuel.


Benefits of Clue's Dispatch Management Software

Quick Update, Clear View

With Clue, your team gets the latest information on equipment and transport without waiting. This means less downtime and confusion on the job site, as everyone knows when and where they'll have what they need to work.

Plan Smart, Save More

Clue helps you use your trucks and equipment wisely, cutting down on unnecessary trips and rentals. By planning better, you spend less on transport and make the most of what you have, keeping your project budget in check.

Better Coordination, Less Calling

Organize equipment moves without the endless phone tag. Clue lets you set up and change plans quickly online. This saves you time and hassle, making it easier to keep your project moving smoothly without interrupting your day for coordination.

Here are some common questions

What is dispatch software?

Dispatch software helps businesses manage and send out service workers or delivery vehicles to locations. It's used to organize, schedule, and dispatch jobs efficiently. Clue enhances this with specialized features for the construction industry.

What are dispatch softwares for small businesses?

For small businesses, dispatch software is a tool designed to streamline scheduling, dispatching, and routing tasks. It's often simpler and more affordable, focusing on essential features. Clue offers scalability to grow with your business needs.

What is dispatch management?

Dispatch management involves overseeing the scheduling, sending, and tracking of service workers or delivery fleets to ensure timely and efficient job completion. Clue provides real-time insights for better management.

What features should I look for in dispatch management software?

Look for scheduling, routing, real-time tracking, customer management, and reporting capabilities. Ease of use and integration with other tools are also important. Clue integrates seamlessly with major OEMs for enhanced efficiency.

How does dispatch management software handle scheduling and routing?

It uses algorithms to optimize schedules and routes based on factors like location, availability, and priority, ensuring efficiency and reducing delays. Clue's algorithm is tailored for the unique demands of the construction sector.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“We saved over $1m in our first year alone using Clue... and we transitioned [our mechanics] from 2 services a day to 6 services a day thanks to Clue."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
“Clue makes stuff a lot faster...the foremen and everybody in operations loves Clue."
Jeremy Spivey
Shop Foreman, Silver Star Construction
"Before we started using Clue, there was a lot of running around, leaving my desk, making phone calls. We were constantly having the foreman or technicians email us or call us with that information to manually enter that."
Amber Smith
Equipment Maintenance Scheduler, Silver Star Construction
“Our management team loves the app... they’re able to see what our fleets are doing, when they’re not even on the job.”
Brittany Burpee
Project Manager, Graham
"10 years ago we didn't know where anything was really. Matter of fact, we lost a scraper for one year!"
Rusty Warrick
Planner, Silver Star Construction
"Within 20 minutes you can fully explain to any individual regardless of their technological background how to effectively use the tool."
Joseph Yammine
Project Manager, Graham
“The most useful piece of information that I’m getting from Clue’s probably the replay functionality: being able to see what this truck did in the day, where it went around, all that captured in a quick video is really awesome to see."
Damian Trueman
Project Coordinator, Graham
"This is like a future kind-of-thing: you're seeing stuff happening 10 km away and you you can see that in your phone. It's very futuristic."
Shair Haque
Project Coordinator, Graham
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
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"We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue... We transitioned from two services a day to six services a day, drastically boosting our operational efficiency."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Purchasing &
Maintenance, Palmetto
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"It's saving time, wear and tear on trucks, aggravation, accuracy of getting to jobs, finding what quarter of the job it might be sitting on - that stuff is HUGE."
Travis Potts
Equipment Ops Manager, Igel Co.
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