$1M Savings with a Click: Palmetto Corp's Transformation Using Clue's Comprehensive Equipment Management App

January 29, 2024

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Darrin Sheriff, the Director of Maintenance and Purchasing at Palmetto Corp, was ensnared in an endless cycle of work, driving 60,000 miles a year just to stay on top of an expansive 800-unit fleet and numerous job sites. This case study details Darrin's strategic pivot, leading Palmetto through the implementation of Clue, a state-of-the-art asset management system. His initiative not only curbed equipment failures but also refined operational efficiency and carved out significant cost reductions, showcasing the transformative integration of Clue from Darrin's unique perspective.

Business Needs

The company faced significant challenges in monitoring and managing its vast array of assets efficiently. With over a thousand small and large pieces of equipment across multiple locations, the absence of a unified system led to delayed maintenance, undetected issues, and potential equipment failure. The need for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution became apparent to prevent costly downtimes and ensure seamless operations across all facilities.

"Before Clue, critical information and equipment statuses were scattered across various platforms, making real-time monitoring and decision-making practically impossible."
- Darrin Sheriff, Director of Maintenance and Purchasing
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How Clue Helped

Clue revolutionized the company's approach to asset management by providing a "single pane of glass" view of all assets in real time. This seamless integration enabled immediate access to essential data, facilitating proactive maintenance and significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

The platform's intuitive interface and comprehensive reporting tools allowed for a drastic increase in maintenance efficiency, transforming the company's operational workflows.

"Clue's real-time data capability has completely changed the way we manage our assets. Now, with just one system, we can monitor everything efficiently and take immediate action."
- Darrin Sheriff, Director of Maintenance and Purchasing
Darrin Sheriff, Palmetto Corp's Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, talking about the Clue roll-out
Darrin Sheriff, Palmetto Corp's Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, talking about the Clue roll-out


Implementing Clue dramatically enhanced asset management, directly resulting in over $1 million in savings in the first year by preventing equipment failures and streamlining maintenance processes. The ability to identify issues early, such as a critical oil leak, avoided significant costs, like a potential $20,000 engine replacement. Moreover, the efficiency in maintenance operations skyrocketed, with technicians now able to perform up to six services a day, a substantial increase from the previous two.

"With Clue, we've saved over $1 million in the first year alone by preempting major issues and optimizing our maintenance work...... we transitioned from two services a day to six, drastically boosting our operational efficiency.... [and we] saved an engine worth over $20,000 by quickly addressing an oil leak that would have otherwise gone unnoticed."
- Darrin Sheriff, Director of Maintenance and Purchasing
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Key Takeaways

  1. Proactive Problem Solving: Early detection of minor issues before they escalate into major problems, saving significant costs.
  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The consolidation of data into one platform streamlined the maintenance process, increasing productivity.
  3. Cost Savings: The ability to manage and monitor assets more effectively led to direct financial savings and reduced the need for additional manpower.
"With Clue, we've not only saved over a million dollars in potential costs but also enhanced our operational efficiency to levels we never thought possible."
- Darrin Sheriff, Director of Maintenance and Purchasing‍
"To not have Clue, I would probably have to hire 30 plus people, maybe 40. There's another savings there when you start looking at payroll. That's huge."
- Darrin Sheriff, Director of Maintenance and Purchasing

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