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API Integration

Clue Connects, Creates, Conquers - Making API Work Easy

Clue API Integration lets your data and tools work together in harmony. Simple, effective connections mean your projects stay on track, your team stays productive, and your business moves forward without the technical tangle.

Connect Tools, Stay On Track

Clue's API integration ensures your construction tools and software communicate effectively from start to finish. This level of integration keeps every project phase aligned, allowing for smooth progress and keeping everyone from planners to builders informed and coordinated.

Accurate Insights, Always Aware

With Clue, you have immediate access to the status and location of your equipment, enabling efficient planning and deployment. This clarity helps make informed decisions, ensuring resources are optimally utilized without needing constant manual checks.

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Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Access Data, Move with Progress

Clue provides instant access to essential project information, allowing teams to adapt quickly to changes and maintain momentum. This immediate insight supports effective management and keeps projects advancing according to plan.

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Improve Teamwork, Reduce Errors

Clue promotes effective communication across your project teams, ensuring everyone works with the most current information. This harmonized approach reduces miscommunications and discrepancies, leading to fewer setbacks and revisions.

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Maximize Equipment Use, Reduce Downtime

Discover the full potential of your assets through Clue's detailed usage insights. By understanding how each piece of equipment is utilized, you can reduce idle times and increase the efficiency of your resource allocation.

Clear Regulation Compliance

Clue makes it easier to follow construction regulations. It gives you a straightforward view of your operations and ensures your data management meets industry standards without complicated steps.

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User-Friendly Mobile Access

Custom Reports for Your Projects

With Clue, you can create reports that meet your project's specific needs. This lets you concentrate on important data, helping you make informed choices with precise and current information.

Reliable Support, Projects in Motion

Clue's support team is ready to offer solutions when challenges arise, keeping your construction projects moving forward without interruption. This dependable support works to avoid delays, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

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Benefits of Clue's API Integrations

Sharper Project Management with API

Clue connects your construction project tools, making it easier to track timelines and tasks. It helps align your projects with your plans, avoiding overruns and keeping costs in check by giving you a complete view without complicated setups.

Teamwork, Improved

In construction, teams need to share information quickly. Clue ensures updates and data flow smoothly between everyone, reducing hold-ups and keeping all team members on the same page without needing constant back-and-forth.

Asset Tracking, Clarified

Managing construction equipment can take time and effort. With Clue, you get a straightforward way to monitor your assets, helping to cut down on losses and ensuring that everything is used where needed most, contributing to smoother project flow.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“We saved over $1m in our first year alone using Clue... and we transitioned [our mechanics] from 2 services a day to 6 services a day thanks to Clue."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Maintenance and Purchasing, Palmetto Corp
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
“Clue makes stuff a lot faster...the foremen and everybody in operations loves Clue."
Jeremy Spivey
Shop Foreman, Silver Star Construction
"Before we started using Clue, there was a lot of running around, leaving my desk, making phone calls. We were constantly having the foreman or technicians email us or call us with that information to manually enter that."
Amber Smith
Equipment Maintenance Scheduler, Silver Star Construction
“Our management team loves the app... they’re able to see what our fleets are doing, when they’re not even on the job.”
Brittany Burpee
Project Manager, Graham
"10 years ago we didn't know where anything was really. Matter of fact, we lost a scraper for one year!"
Rusty Warrick
Planner, Silver Star Construction
"Within 20 minutes you can fully explain to any individual regardless of their technological background how to effectively use the tool."
Joseph Yammine
Project Manager, Graham
“The most useful piece of information that I’m getting from Clue’s probably the replay functionality: being able to see what this truck did in the day, where it went around, all that captured in a quick video is really awesome to see."
Damian Trueman
Project Coordinator, Graham
"This is like a future kind-of-thing: you're seeing stuff happening 10 km away and you you can see that in your phone. It's very futuristic."
Shair Haque
Project Coordinator, Graham
“Our equipment is in far batter shape since we started using Clue, for sure... It would be really difficult for us to go back and not use Clue! I might lose all my people..."
Jake Farley
Equipment Manager, Silver Star Construction
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"We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue... We transitioned from two services a day to six services a day, drastically boosting our operational efficiency."
Darrin Sheriff
Director of Purchasing &
Maintenance, Palmetto
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"It's saving time, wear and tear on trucks, aggravation, accuracy of getting to jobs, finding what quarter of the job it might be sitting on - that stuff is HUGE."
Travis Potts
Equipment Ops Manager, Igel Co.
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Here are some common questions

How does API integration work?

API integration involves connecting different software applications via their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow them to communicate with each other, share data, and perform functions without manual intervention and Clue's API integration is designed to seamlessly connect your systems, enabling efficient data sharing and operations, enhancing productivity with minimal manual intervention.

How much does API integration cost?

The cost varies based on complexity, customization, and the services needed. Clue offers competitive pricing for API integration, focusing on providing value through customization and scalability, ensuring you get the best return on investment.

How long does an API integration take?

Timeframes can range from a few hours to several months, depending on the integration's complexity, the systems involved, and the level of customization required. With Clue's efficient integration process, we aim to minimize downtime and expedite deployment, ensuring your operations are enhanced without significant delays.

What are the risks of API integration?

Risks include data breaches, loss of service during downtime, and potential integration failures if APIs are not properly maintained or updated. Clue prioritizes robust security measures to mitigate risks such as data breaches and service interruptions, ensuring your API integration is reliable and secure.

Are there any specific software requirements for integrating the Clue API?

API integration requires a compatible software environment and the ability to make HTTP requests, but Our API is designed for wide compatibility, requiring minimal software prerequisites, making Clue integration straightforward and accessible.

Can the Clue API be used to automate equipment tracking on construction sites?

Yes, Clue's API is especially effective for automating equipment tracking on construction sites, offering real-time insights and operational efficiency.

How does Clue handle data security and privacy for API integrations?

Clue employs state-of-the-art encryption and authentication, adhering to strict data protection regulations, to ensure your data's security and privacy during API integrations.

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