Pin Every Asset, Trace Every Step, Open Up Every Possibility, Each Operator's Journey Mapped.

Clue connects each asset to its operator, making every project's pulse clear and linked. With us, every operator's day is clear and connected, not just managed.

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Task Simplification

Simplify your daily routines with a user-friendly interface for streamlined operations.

Operational Insights

Dive into equipment analytics for a transparent view of your machinery's health.

Rapid Reporting

Instantly log and resolve issues to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Best practice dashboard design for construction equipment management software

Check In, Check Off

Begin each day with confidence by swiftly inspecting your equipment through our dashboard. It's designed for quick checks, ensuring your machinery is operational and ready for the day's tasks. This preventive step saves time and reduces the risk of unexpected downtimes.

See. Understand. Act.

Instantly understand what your machinery is trying to tell you with clear, actionable insights into fault codes. Our system clarifies complex signals, providing you with direct information and suggested actions to keep your equipment at peak performance.

Equipment maintenance dashboard

Issue? Tap. Send. Done

Report it effortlessly within our app, and track the resolution process from start to finish. We simplify communication between operators and the equipment department, ensuring quick responses and minimal downtime.

Your Gear, Up Close

Look more closely into your equipment's performance with detailed data on engine hours, idling times, and fuel usage. Our clear reports turn raw data into useful advice, helping you make informed decisions to improve productivity and lower costs.

Track everything to help your fleet telematics solutions
Crew and people on a map

Crew, Connected

Organize your team effectively with our interactive dashboard. Assign tasks, track progress, and adjust on the fly with drag-and-drop ease. Our platform encourages smooth coordination, ensuring the right people are on the right tasks.

Now Notifying

Welcome a lively work setting with real-time notifications. From equipment status changes to task completions, stay informed with the updates that matter most. Keep your projects progressing, without the clutter of unnecessary information.

Asset dispatch scheduler.

Fleet, Found

Eliminate uncertainty with real-time tracking of your fleet. Know the exact location and operational status of each piece of equipment. Our easy-to-navigate interface ensures you can quickly pinpoint any asset, optimizing deployment and improving security.

Safety, Sealed

Improve your safety protocols with our digital checklists for pre-operation inspections. Make sure every piece of equipment is examined and ready for use. Our method not only makes safety better but also makes the inspection process faster and more efficient.

Benefits of the Clue’s Software for Operators

Quick Starts, Confident Days

Begin each day with ease. Our platform simplifies your morning equipment checks, ensuring everything is ready for action. Quick, efficient, and reliable.

Smart Insights, Steady Performance

Understand your equipment like never before. Our clear insights guide your daily decisions, helping you maintain optimal performance with minimal fuss.

Team Sync, Efficient Operations

Coordinate effectively. Our dashboard connects your crew, assigns tasks, and adjusts in real-time, ensuring everyone is aligned and tasks proceed without interruption.

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Equipment Manager

Manage all equipment in one view, avoid costly downtime, and go digital.

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Shop Manager

Digitally handle inspections, work orders, and inventory management effortlessly.

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Access service history and timecards in one efficiency-enhancing app.

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Optimize efficiency and asset utilization with comprehensive operational insights.

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Streamline financials from timecards to asset management, monitoring costs effectively.

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Large equipment management for oil and gas

VP Operations

Manage equipment costs and utilization with real-time operational data.

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Quickly allocate resources and streamline dispatch with digital efficiency.

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IT Leaders

Minimize IT overhead with seamless integrations and easy data access.

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Project Manager

Control costs and maximize efficiency with real-time data and maintenance alerts.

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Locate and fuel equipment efficiently with precise directions.

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Engineers working


Manage on-site equipment efficiently with real-time updates and requests.

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Inspect and report on equipment quickly with a user-friendly app.

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Construction Equipment asset management software that ensures your equipment is always operating.


Streamline operations with integrated systems, trusted by construction leaders.

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Clue executive team at Conexpo 2023

Joint Ventures

Manage joint equipment with unified telematics data, reducing operational costs.

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Small to Mid Size Contractors

Simplify equipment management on a single platform, enhancing efficiency.

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