Track Every Machine, Manage Every Job, Nail Every Deadline with Precision

Keep tabs on your fleet and jobs with clear simplicity. Every machine tracked, every project managed, every deadline met. Your workflow, refined for success, ensuring no detail is missed and every day is productive.

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Single Pane of Glass

See it all in one view. Effortlessly manage every asset from a single dashboard for total control.

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Dispatch Management

Smart and swift dispatching. Allocate tasks with a few clicks for maximum efficiency on the go.

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Preventive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance ahead of time to prevent costly downtime and repairs.

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Utilization Overview

Utilize better, save more. Monitor asset usage to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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Work Orders Management

Simplify work orders management with intuitive tracking and real-time updates.

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Equipment Inspections

Inspect with ease. Use digital checklists for thorough, compliant, and paperless inspections.

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Every Task, Cost, and Lock - Managed with Ease

Keep every task in sight, track costs with care, and lock down your data with assets that make managing your construction site as reliable as your work ethic. Simple, secure, and smart — exactly what today’s sites demand.

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Project Sync
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Data Shield
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Budget Balance
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Guide Your Site to Success with Clear-Cut Tools

Utilize tools that simplify site success. Track with clarity, manage costs intelligently, and secure operations. It’s about making every job straightforward and every decision sharp.

Alerts That Truly Matter To You

Get the right updates at the right time. Custom alerts keep you informed and proactive, without the noise.

Expense Tracking, Transparent

See your spending clearly. Track every dollar with precision, ensuring you stay on budget with zero fuss.

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Integrations, That Just Work

Integrate with Clue for a workflow that's more in tune with your needs – simple, intuitive, and always on your side.

Snap-Together Setup

Populate your inventory in a snap. Clue’s setup feels as natural as putting together building blocks.

Click. Connect. Continue

Link your systems with just a few clicks. It’s so straightforward, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Workflow, Synchronized

Bring all your tools into a single rhythm. Clue harmonizes your workflow for day-to-day ease.

Snap Up Our App

Tap and download our app for easy access to your project updates. See your stats clearly and manage your tasks with a single touch. Get it now for direct and simple day-to-day project tracking.

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fleet utilization on app