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Assets & Crew

Easily allocate resources and monitor job status to run a more productive operation.

AI-Assisted Operations Monitoring

Clue analyzes data from your job sites around the clock and generates actionable insights empowering you to optimize your operations. Alert superintendents about excessive idling and equipment managers about under-utilized assets in minutes.

Eliminate Downtime with Auto-Generated
Preventative Maintenance

When you add an asset to Clue, a planned maintenance schedule is automatically generated based on our database of 100s of types of equipment. Coupled with DVIR, Clue can help you eliminate downtime.

Deal with Fault
Codes Promptly

If a maintenance issue arises or a critical fault code, you need to act quickly. Clue sends you alerts in real-time, so you can forward it to your mechanic or shop.

Monitor Crew Activity

Get notified about all crew irregularities, like when someone tries to clock-in while outside of a defined job site geofence, or if they don’t show up when scheduled.

Plans Designed to Work for Your Business

Clue has affordable solutions for companies of all sizes.  
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Ensure Safety
and Compliance

Improve job site safety and regulatory compliance with paperless safety checklists and incident reporting.

Asset Utilization

View your asset performance on-the-fly to improve asset allocation and improve utilization.

More Features

Connect Everything

One system to manage heavy machinery, vehicles, tools and crew.

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Reduce Total Cost
of Ownership

Overhaul your fleet profitability with AI-generated insights.

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