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Automate so you can delegate – what is seen is managed

Real-time productivity tracking

Monitor your jobsite productivity in real-time on a digitized dashboard.
Calculate all production KPIs - volume, tonnage, operating time, load counts, cycle time, swing time, CO2 emissions, speed, distance travelled, and more. Track your asset's performance and routes on a live video screen. Everything is automated without manual interventions, without costly devices.

Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking
Improve margins with actionable alerts with our automated fleet management system

Improve margins with actionable alerts

Tackle inefficiencies with alerts and automated reporting. Calculate costs and revenue on a daily basis. Reduce 1% of operation costs to increase profit by 10%

Our automated fleet management system uses AI to assist with operations.

AI-assisted operations monitoring

By analyzing data from your job sites 24/7, Clue generates actionable insights you can use to optimize operations. With Clue on site, it takes just minutes to alert superintendents and equipment managers about excessive idling and under-utilized assets.

Streamlined Maintenance:
Work Orders in one click

Detect all maintenance issues through fault codes, daily inspections and preventative maintenance and create work orders in one-click. With Clue’s all-in-one work order management, you can create, assign, and manage work orders for all of your maintenance issues without ever leaving the app. Whether you need to replace an MCV, update an ECU, or simply change a light bulb, our work order management will always have your back.

Automated fleet management and streamlined maintenance
Eliminate downtime with automated Preventative Maintenance

Eliminate downtime with auto-generated Preventative Maintenance

Add an asset to Clue and it will automatically trigger a planned maintenance schedule, based on our extensive equipment database. Coupled with DVIR, Clue can help you eliminate downtime.

Promptly deal with Fault Codes

If a maintenance issue or critical fault code arises, you need to act fast. Clue sends you alerts in real time, so you can forward it to your mechanic or shop

Our Automated fleet management system promptly deals with fault codes
Analyze and anticipate major equipment issues with our automated fleet management

War room dashboard:
Don’t react — act

Head off challenges before they become problems, separate the good performers from the bad, and make the best asset allocation decisions possible. Clue analyzes your equipment’s usage – idling, underutilization, downtime – and presents its findings in the easy-to-understand War Room Dashboard.

Monitor crew activity

Get notified about all crew irregularities. If someone tries to clock in while outside of a defined job-site geofence or if they don’t show up when scheduled, you’ll know about it.

Automatically monitor crew activity

Designed to work for every size of business

Clue has affordable solutions for companies of all scales.  
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Reconcile manual reported hours with actual telematics meter readings

Reconcile manual hours reporting e.g. from HCSS HeavyJob and actual machine hours. Compare owned and rented assets, get alerts if equipment hours aren’t correctly charged to projects. Receive notifications on under-utilized assets - daily, weekly or monthly.

Reconcile manual reported hours with actual telematics meter readings
Ensure safety and compliance with our automated fleet management system

Ensure safety
and compliance

Improve job site safety and regulatory compliance with paperless safety checklists and incident reporting.

asset utilization

View your fleet performance on the fly to improve asset allocation and utilization.

Improve your asset utilization with our fleet management automation

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