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Track Everything. One Platform.

Save hours with a true single-pane-of-glass for your entire fleet.

Any telematics. Any GPS.

Connect and view your entire fleet on a single screen. Clue standardizes and enhances your telematics data from VisionLink, JD Link, Komtrax, Geotab, Samsara and 40 other telematics and GPS providers.

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Track everything to help your fleet telematics solutions

Track everything

Get real-time tracking of all your equipment, including utilization, excessive idling, cycle time, productivity, and location. Clue integrates with your existing trackers and systems and is compatible with 100% of your assets - no matter the make, model, or year. Save cost by leveraging your current telematics and GPS.

Minute-by-minute tracking:
No more guesswork

Never be in the dark again. Clue is the only construction management solution that gives you real-time status and performance updates for every single asset. Find out the production amount and equipment status in real time.

Minute by minute tracking for your telematics fleet management
Save on equipment purchase decisions with our fleet telematics solutions

Better equipment purchase decisions with automated dashboards

Purchasing new equipment is one of the most important decisions Equipment Managers make. One unnecessary purchase can destroy your profits.

See in one screen 100% of your assets, categorized by asset class and type, owned/leased/rented. Quickly review performance over time periods and analyze actual utilization, idling, deployment, and operating hours. Get automated alerts when assets are under-utilized to aid in purchase vs rent decisions. Download the report as Excel or CSV to analyze further in PowerBI. Filter by division, job site, and more.

Designed to work for
every size of business

Clue has affordable solutions for companies of all scales.  
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asset utilization

View your fleet performance on the fly to improve asset allocation and utilization.

Improve your asset utilization with our fleet management automation
Analyze and anticipate major equipment issues with our automated fleet management

War room dashboard:
Don’t react — act

Head off challenges before they become problems, separate the good performers from the bad, and make the best asset allocation decisions possible. Clue analyzes your equipment’s usage – idling, underutilization, downtime – and presents its findings in the easy-to-understand War Room Dashboard.

Streamline job site

Use Clue as your central hub for team-wide communication. No more scattered emails, texts, or phone calls. Keep everyone in the loop and going in the right direction. Tag your crew to send messages and alerts.

Streamline your telematics fleet management

More Features

Easily allocate resources and monitor job status to run a more productive operation

Clue Maintenance

Boost wrench time and fleet reliability with a smarter maintenance software.

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Save when you overhaul your fleet by using AI-generated insights

Clue Productivity

Reduce fleet costs and maximize utilization with real-time actionable insights.

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