Every Job Site, Every Machine, Every Task – Build Progress in Construction, Together

Clue brings together tools, teams, and tasks for easier construction journeys. We're changing project management by turning everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and achievement. With Clue, every job site turns into a story of progress, made by you.

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Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

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Core Features

Advanced Tools for Construction, Facilitating Every Task

Our advanced solution for construction is tailored for every task. From the ground up, we're here to make your projects smoother, faster, and more efficient.

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Precision in Every Build

Connecting Clarity, Easing Solutions

Dynamic Adaptation

Pivot and progress with Clue's agile project adaptation tools.


Industry Tailored – The Clue Approach

From concept to completion, Clue guides each project with clear, precise steps for standout results.

Simple Integration,
Nothing Else

Connect your assets, simplify tasks, and achieve more with intuitive integration.

Connect With Hundreds of Partners

Integrate with a vast network of industry leaders. Make your workflow more efficient in one go.

Integration Made Surprisingly Simple

Join forces with just a few clicks. Our platform ensures collaboration across any tool or system.

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Our automated fleet management system uses AI to assist with operations.

Simple, Useful Features

Tools that fit your work, crafted for ease. They’re simple, practical, and ready to help you get the job done.

Smart Alerts Just for You

Get alerts that make sense for you. Clue gives you smart updates that really matter, helping you stay on top.

Easy Asset Cost Tracking

Keep an eye on what you spend on your assets easily. With Clue, you get a clear picture of your costs without the hassle.

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Asset TCO Profitability chart.
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

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