How Tracker Management Systems Work for Equipment Tracking

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March 17, 2024

The construction industry generates about $1.4 trillion per year in the US alone employing more than seven million people across 733,000 enterprises. Yet, according to a survey conducted in 2022 out of the many challenges faced by contractors, 40% of them admitted to their projects being delayed, postponed, or canceled.  Not only this but many go through disruptions in supply and demand, technological faults, and inaccurate reports on material costs and availability adding to already financial risks.

Such problems can be tackled through Clue’s efficient and flexible tracker management systems designed specifically for contractors to provide all your data and software under one glass pane. You can now improve your work progress and track your assets without any hassle! 

Let’s walk you through the dynamics of a tracker management system.

What are tracker management systems?

It is an asset management tracking system that allows you to keep a record of your physical assets, manage your fleet vehicles, and easily monitor all your equipment concerning usage time, updates, and inventory. 

Clue aims to provide all of this information with real-time location updates, maintenance status, and pinpointing any damages or replacements necessary. There are two ways in which our app tracks and manages your assets,

OEM Telematics

Telematics is a built-in technology that monitors your vehicle and assets remotely and keeps track of management through real-time data. It is essential for acquiring data from the engine regarding fault codes, fuel consumption, reporting idling, and preventing equipment failure through instant alerts on your app. All of this data is then sent to the user’s cloud for storage and further analysis.


Clue provides you with the feasibility of partnering up with your GPS providers by linking your machinery, equipment, and assets to deliver information on the number of hours worked, distance covered, speed, and of course the real-time location. GPS technology is used for tracking and movement ensuring comprehensive knowledge of all your assets and preventing any future delays/errors.


Your asset tracking and management system will be able to work flawlessly with the help of barcode labels. These barcodes allow you to even track your physical assets that are non-powered (tools, documents, inventory, etc.) as well as other equipment like vehicles, computers, servers, and heavy machinery.

The data stored on your server is assigned to a unique barcode printed on your assets that can allow you to extract information regarding location, quantity, maintenance schedules, and end-of-life cycles. You can view this data whenever you like, review it, and take action with the help of Clue’s tracker management systems.


Radio Frequency Identification tags are also a form of barcodes, but they are smarter electronic devices that utilize radio frequency technology to transmit instant information through live tracking. They are considered the most advanced option due to their long range. According to Bill Hardgrave, dean of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business,

“RFID increases inventory accuracy, from an average of 65 percent to more than 95 percent.”

How do tracker management systems work?

At Clue, we make sure our partners receive all sorts of information and data regarding their assets under one glass pane. The state-of-the-art technology and software integrated in our app allows you to link different types of equipment together saving you a lot of time, energy, and money all at once!

Let’s take a look at how our tracker management systems make your job a whole lot easier!

Equipment, assets, and fleet management

You need maximum output for all your investments and for that, you need a smart fleet management tracking system that can not only calculate the number of hours worked, upcoming projects, and maintenance schedules on bulldozers, cranes, loaders, etc. 

GPS and OEM telematics ensure that you are engaged with your equipment at all times. With the help of API software, you can also link 4 different providers, for example, Cat, Volvo, Ford, and a GPS provider, to get all the data simultaneously. Other small parts like tools, or machinery essentials can be tracked through Bluetooth , RFID tags, barcodes, and cellular GPS trackers energy beacons essentially. 

Maintenance and utilization reports

Clue’s tracker management systems provide its users with highlighted issues, maintenance reports, checking life cycles of assets, and reliable data co-linked with each other in the form of clutter-free diagnostics /reports. It also provides real-time alerts and equipment utilization updates, so you never have to deal with any delays!

Fuel, inventory, and construction management

With the help of live monitoring 24/7, clue’s software tools keep track of not only your fuel but also if its being exhausted at an abnormal rate or being stolen. The check-in and check-out feature allows you to keep track of the tools being used during construction, the tools which are running out and the ones that need repairs all in one tap. 

Whenever a problem occurs, team members are notified through the tracker management system which allows them to act upon the matter immediately. The inventory management and tracking system reduces overstocks and excess equipment, gives analysis according to demand and makes sure assets are present where needed.

Manage dispatches, rentals, and analysis reports

The tracker management system gives you a complete analysis of what equipment is being used when, by who, and for how long by providing clear records in the form of log reports. Keep an eye on your machinery by tracking its under-performance, activity , breakdown issues and usability reports. Clue aims to provide accurate information so you can time your projects, dispatches and manage rentals without hassle and wasting time.

Challenges faced by contractors without tracker management systems:

Lots of paperwork

An abundance of assets means abundance of paperwork which essentially leads to numerous hours consumed by manpower that could easily be resolved in a matter of seconds through clue’s tracker management system.

Keeping track of maintenance schedules and inventory

Many contractors face delays and even cancellations when one of their machineries stops working or some parts go missing. Such situations can take many days, weeks or even months, giving the contractor numerous losses.

It is also hard to figure out if some items are being stolen or simply misused.

Poor knowledge of equipment, assets, and fleets

The contractor is unaware if fuel consumption is happening unnecessarily or if a machine is sitting idle wasting time. They are also unable to fill in or order parts needed and even face excess inventory yielding more costs.

No track of employee check-ins or check-outs

There are many events where assets are often misplaced or stolen thus monitoring the check and checkout of every employee is a must. When a part of machinery is damaged or stops working due to unknown reasons, the contractor has no proof to who was using it and cannot hold anyone accountable or get a report on the root of the issue.

How can a tracker management system be useful to a contractor?

Cost and time saving 

When a contractor is aware of its fleet’s whereabouts, the fuel consumption of its machines and the movement of its tools and employees then it would save them a lot of time and money. Not only will the cost go down, but you will be able to get the job done without much time consumption leading to a satisfied customer.

According to Darrin Sheriff, “We've saved over $1 million in the first year alone using Clue.” He also states how his work efficiency has increased over time allowing his team to provide 6 services a day instead of only two.

Keep an eye on your workers/employees

You will have full knowledge of what equipment/fleet vehicle/ tools/assets are being used by which individual for how long. You can utilize the tool management system by explaining how the system works to your employees, acknowledging them about the consequences to their actions, and also by issuing rewards or fines for the employee responsible. 

Reduction in customer complaints

You can always show the detailed reports and analysis provided by Clue to your customers to ensure their reliability and proper workflow . The reports provided by the tracker management systems will  allow you to deliver the project on time allowing you to build rapport with your customers.

Receive updates and reminders regarding maintenance and software

With the need for manual inputs, there won’t be any space left for human errors! With the use of GPS location and barcode scanners, you will be notified if something needs a repair or if a machine has reached the end of its life cycle. You will also be able to update your software in a timely manner.

Get a Clue!

If you want to upgrade your business and bring some leverage into your work, Clue is the right option for you. The tracker management system is the best way to cut costs and not corners, keep track of all your assets, and manage your workforce all under one screen.


How many types of tracking systems can we use?

There are a wide range of GPS providers, RFID, barcodes, and OEM telematics that can be utilized for different assets but giving you the freedom to access that data in one app and not have to log in different data bases to gather information.

Number of assets/ equipment that can be traced by the system?

You can link as many assets/equipment as you like, and they can all be linked together under Clue’s umbrella.

What is the checklist feature and why is it important?

This a time saving technique that allows you and your team members which tasks need to be completed with respect to importance and create a work order .

Can the tracker management system keep a record of tools/materials (non-powered equipment)?

Yes, barcodes and RFID tags can give you real-time data on your equipment’s location and whereabouts increasing inventory accuracy 

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