Upgraded Geofence Module for Enhanced Asset Monitoring

New! Auto Geofence Dashboard

Our upgraded dashboard now enables users to view all geofences of all their jobsites on a single screen. It's now effortless to see the entire picture, thanks to the real-time location data pulled from telematics, GPS systems, and integration with HCSS HeavyJob, Viewpoint, or other ERP data.

📊 You no longer have to spend hours setting up geofences and alerts. The geofences are automatically generated, offering a much-needed respite to busy equipment managers and foremen.

🚚 The new feature is a game-changer for equipment managers who need to know immediately when equipment enters the yard and foremen who need to monitor the movement of key assets.

Maximize your efficiency and oversight with our upgraded Geofence Dashboard today.

🆓 This feature is now available for all Clue Insights customers.

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