Making Life Easier for Fuelers & Lube Truck Drivers

Do you want to make life easier and more efficient to your lube truck drivers and fuelers?

We're excited to announce a new capability that's set to significantly streamline operations for lube truck drivers and fuelers!

Now, directly within Clue, you can instantly view the fuel tank levels of the assets you're planning to service.

🚀 Here’s how it adds value:

  • Efficiency: No more guessing or unnecessary stops. Check the fuel levels on your upcoming route and prioritize your visits based on actual needs.
  • Precision: With real-time data at your fingertips, you can optimize your fueling strategy and reduce time spent on assets that don’t need attention.
  • Integration: This feature integrates seamlessly with our existing suite of over 50 telematics and GPS systems, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

How do I use it?

This feature is now live in Clue.

Simply go to Asset Directory, tap Data, and choose 'Fuel Tank Level'.

👷‍♂️ For our dedicated fuelers, this means less time on the road and more time focusing on what's really needed. Let’s fuel efficiently and smartly!

Fuel up with confidence with Clue. Try it out today! 🚜🛠️

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