Introducing Clue’s Fuel & Oiling Reports

We're excited to unveil a groundbreaking addition to the Clue Maintenance toolkit: Fuel & Oiling Reports.

This innovative feature streamlines the process of entering fuel and oiling information, transforming it into a powerful mini inspection tool.

🌟 Highlights:

• Intuitive Entry: Quickly log fuel and oil usage with just a few taps, selecting assets directly in the app.
• Mini Inspections: Beyond just fuel and oil, add notes about other maintenance checks, like DEF issues or hydraulic oil status, enhancing preventive maintenance.
• Photo Documentation: Oilers can attach photos for visual documentation, ensuring detailed reports.
• Seamless Integration: Reports integrate flawlessly with existing DVIRs and morning inspections in Clue, maintaining continuity and ease of use.

🔧 Why You'll Love It?

• Boosts maintenance efficiency by incorporating mini inspections into routine fueling operations.
• Saves time and reduces errors with easy-to-use, intuitive reporting features.
• Enhances record-keeping with the ability to attach photos and detailed notes.
• Improves asset health and longevity through proactive maintenance checks.

💡 Perfect for:

• Fuelers and oilers looking for a simplified, efficient way to report.
• Maintenance managers aiming to enhance operational oversight and preventive care.
• Equipment operators and fleet managers interested in improving maintenance practices and equipment reliability.

Elevate your maintenance routine with Fuel & Oiling Reports, now available in Clue. Discover how this feature can enhance your operations by  scheduling a demo today.

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