Enhanced DVIR with Signature Capabilities

We're excited to unveil a major update to our Inspection Module, enhancing the DVIR (Driver's Vehicle Inspection Reports) process! This upgrade brings advanced functionality to streamline and comply with DOT inspection requirements.

🌟 Highlights:

Signature Capabilities: Add signatures for drivers and operators after completing an inspection, meeting DOT requirements.

Mechanic Acknowledgement: Mechanics receive inspection reports, acknowledge issues, and mark them as resolved with their signature.

Issue Confirmation: Operators confirm resolved issues during the next inspection, adding their signature to ensure thorough documentation.

Comprehensive PDF Reports: Generate detailed PDFs that include all necessary signatures, ensuring compliance with DOT standards.

🔧 Why You'll Love It?

Boosts Compliance: Meets state DOT requirements with actual signatures.

Streamlines Processes: Enhances reporting and issue resolution with clear documentation.

Saves Time: Quick and easy signature addition saves time for operators and mechanics.

Ensures Accountability: Signatures from both operators and mechanics provide a clear audit trail.

💡 Perfect for:

Fleet Managers aiming to improve inspection accuracy and compliance.

Operators needing an efficient and reliable way to complete DVIRs.

Mechanics requiring a straightforward method to acknowledge and resolve issues.

Elevate your inspection process with these new DVIR capabilities, now available in Clue. Discover how this feature can enhance your operations by visiting getclue.com or scheduling a demo today.

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