Better equipment purchase decisions using the new Utilization Report

utilization report

Smarter Purchase Decisions

Purchasing new equipment is one of the most important decisions Equipment Managers make. One unnecessary purchase can destroy your profits. To get a better Clue when making purchase decisions, we developed this new utilization report:

✔ See in one screen 100% of your assets, categorized by asset class and type, owned/leased/rented

✔ Quickly review performance over time periods

✔ Analyze actual utilization, idling, deployment, and operating hours

✔ Get automated alerts when assets are under-utilized to aid in purchase vs rent decisions

✔ Download the report as Excel or CSV to analyze further in PowerBI

✔ Filter by division, job site, and more

This tool is now available for all existing Clue customers as well as new customers as a standalone service on a monthly basis.

Questions? Demo requests? Simply visit or reply to this email.

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