11 Key Enhancements for HeavyJob, E360, Telematics & Dispatcher

We're thrilled to announce the new integrations of Clue with HCSS software, designed to simplify your operations and optimize asset management like never before.

Below, you’ll find how innovative contractors like Teichert, George S. Igel, Silver Star Construction, and others already reap substantial time and cost savings through the seamless integration of HCSS and Clue.

Tired of painstakingly cross-referencing manual hours in HeavyJob with actual meter data?

Tip #1: Easily Reconcile Hours

Introducing Clue – the game-changer that automates hour reconciliation. Say goodbye to hours of finance work, and say hello to precise results in minutes. Our seamless integration with real-time telematics and GPS systems ensures accurate data, freeing up your finance team for more strategic tasks. See a demo >

Unreported hours and lost equipment revenue keeping you up at night?

Tip #2: Track Unreported Equipment

Clue has you covered. Paired with HeavyJob, our innovative system sends Equipment Managers daily alerts on unreported on-site assets. Never miss a billable moment again, and safeguard your revenue effortlessly. See a demo >

Unused equipment draining your resources?

Tip #3: Manage Under-Utilized Assets Effectively

Discover dormant assets, optimize deployment, and cut unnecessary costs. No more weeks of equipment idling on site. Clue's smart detection enables swift reassignment, ensuring your assets are where they're needed when they're needed. See a demo >

Equipment failures from missed critical fault codes?

Tip #4: Avoid Preventable Breakdowns

Wave goodbye to excessive alerts. Clue sifts through the noise, auto-triggering maintenance requests only for crucial issues. Prevent avoidable breakdowns, save time, and keep your operations running smoothly. See a demo >

Tired of juggling inspections and assignments in HCSS E360?

Tip #5: Seamless Inspections at Your Fingertips

Introducing Clue's game-changing mobile app. Effortlessly deploy electronic inspections and watch as field crews seamlessly connect with mechanics and regional shops through HCSS E360. Cut the clutter of calls and messages, and watch efficiency soar. See a demo >

Are your mechanics missing puzzle pieces for work orders?

Tip #6: Your Mechanics' Ultimate Tool

Clue delivers. Mechanics access comprehensive maintenance history, inspections, and telematics fault codes in one platform. Boost efficiency, minimize rework, and slash callbacks. See a demo >

Tired of juggling disconnected GPS and Telematics systems alongside HCSS?

Tip #7: Unify Your Data Hassle-Free

Clue holds the key. With a powerful connection to over 50 GPS and Telematics systems - think Samsara, Geotab, VerizonConnect, Zonar, and more - we merge them all into one unified dashboard. No more toggling screens. No more data gaps. Just a comprehensive fleet view, seamlessly integrated with any HCSS software.  See a demo >

Struggling to sync engine hours across E360 and Vista?

Tip #8: Engine Hour Reporting Made Easy

Clue's got your back. Our solution streamlines engine hour and mileage reporting, sending accurate data directly into HCSS or Viewpoint Vista from any system. Wave goodbye to IT and finance headaches and say hello to precise record-keeping, without the complexity. See a demo >

Uncertain about on-site equipment status?

Tip #9: Instant Availability Updates, Effortlessly

Clue's got the answer. Our mobile app empowers foremen with one-click equipment availability updates. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to accurate inventory tracking. Fleet managers, this means smarter resource allocation, fewer unnecessary purchases, and heightened efficiency. See a demo >

Tired of the dispatching maze?

Tip #10: Effortless Asset Dispatching

Clue steps in. Seamlessly integrated with HCSS Dispatch, we simplify asset dispatching. Field crews can request equipment, personnel, and materials directly through user-friendly mobile and desktop apps. Say farewell to piles of paperwork and slow response times. Embrace faster, more efficient asset dispatching.

See a demo >

Fed up with constant operational delays?

Tip #10: Seamless Field Crew Collaboration

Clue's here to bridge the gap. Field crews gain real-time visibility into equipment requests and dispatch status. Bid farewell to endless calls and emails. With Clue, collaboration thrives, and operational slowdowns become a thing of the past.

See a demo >

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