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The Bylt Team
November 9, 2021
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Los Angeles, U.S.A – Clue Insights

A startup out of California, is advancing construction technology by optimizing fleet operations in a way previously unknown in the construction industry.

Their product, aptly named Clue, won BuiltWorlds 2021 Summit and with a team of industry professionals helming the company, it’s no surprise that Clue is locating not just their client’s assets with pinpoint accuracy, but their own success as well.

It’s no secret that the construction industry is changing. Job sites are more and more expected to prove that they are efficient operations. This evolution isn’t surprising. Productivity software has been a mainstay in other industries for decades now. At first, it was understandable why construction was such a late adopter; solutions built to make an office run more effectively didn’t translate well to the push and grind of a construction site. But now, with computers so firmly in the pockets of all industry professionals, the need to align productivity expectations with those of the modern consumer are rapidly changing the landscape of how operations are handled day-to-day.

Clueing you in

Clue looks to consolidate your operations into a single platform. Too often, construction management is done piecemeal. Different software, most of them incompatible with each other, translate a project’s telematics into an incomprehensible slew of numbers, leaving managers buried in a mountain of information, much of it irrelevant.Clue is built to bring clarity and efficiency into the construction industry achieving this through three simple tenets:


Transparency into your assets allows for active rather than reactive decisions in operations. Clue brings you this view by…

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted insights
  • All-in-one work order management
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Real-time fault code alerts
  • War Room Dashboard for easy-to-understand, comprehensive equipment statistics
  • Paperless safety checklist and incident reporting
  • Fleet performance overviews

It’s the first solution that tracks 100% of a fleet’s utilization, productivity, and maintenance in a single pane of glass. The AI guided insights allow you to make decisions related to fleet composition, deployment, and profitability.


When it’s all said and done, it’s about cost reduction and asset profitability; how do you make sure your assets are generating value for your operation? Clue makes answering that simple..

  • Track asset profitability
  • Set and analyze KPIs (key performance indicators) for your fleet/s
  • Reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership)

By tracking operations, Clue establishes the full cycles of integrated assets: loading, traveling, dumping, returning, idling, fuel consumption, etc. Using load-factors, Clue is also able to determine the volume, tonnage, and type of material moved, as well as the load counts. With these, Clue can determine exactly how profitable each asset is during one or multiple cycles. This information allows Clue to reduce the total cost of ownership and give insights into how much can be saved on each asset and how best to achieve those savings.While many in the industry remain reluctant to embrace unfamiliar solutions, Clue Insights is pushing the industry to transform into a more innovative and productive space by offering digitized operations, data-based analysis, and AI-enabled telematics.

The Clue Team

Clue Insights was founded in 2019 with the goal of transforming the industry into a more innovative and productive space by offering digitized operations, data-based analysis, and AI-enabled telematics. Our team has decades of experience in construction projects, heavy equipment manufacturing, and telematics systems.

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