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Mining DVIR

Save 5% or more on labor costs.

$31.3 billion per year in avoidable construction costs occur due to poor communication and data, especially on large mining and logging sites where multiple shifts are running. Clue is the communication hub for your entire crew.  Generating work orders, submitting safety inspections, or communicating about any job site issue can all be managed and tracked in Clue, helping you avoid costly errors and mistakes and can reduce your spending on labor and payroll expenses by up to 5% or more.

Key Benefits

  • Mechanic Work orders
  • Daily Visual Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Safety checklists

Reduce losses due to accidents

OSHA rules require mining and logging operations to keep a record of repairs and inspections. Clue keeps a record of all mechanic work orders, inspection reports, and safety checklists in a single system allowing you to comply with safety and environmental regulations.  Companies that implement comprehensive safety compliance programs see workplace accidents drop by as much as 30% in just 1 year.

Key Benefits

  • Crew activity alerts
  • Location tracking
  • Geo fence
Mining Geofencing Location Tracking
Mining Vehicle Maintenance Software

Save 300 hours or more per year of lost mining time

Underperforming equipment and breakdowns can destroy profits for mining and logging companies. A single unplanned breakdown can result in up to 60 hours of downtime.  You can lose hundreds of hours of mining time with frequent breakdowns.  Clue delivers idle alerts, equipment performance alerts and automated preventative maintenance schedules that allow you to optimize your fleet and keep equipment running smoothly.

Key Benefits

  • Fleet performance improvement insights
  • Automated preventative maintenance schedules
  • Fault code alerts


in losses due to construction job site theft


of mining operating cost is equipment maintenance and repair


construction accidents
per year

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