LiDat by Liebherr

LiDAT® is an advanced data transmission and positioning system designed for managing Liebherr machines and those of other manufacturers. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, LiDAT® provides real-time information on machine location and operation, enabling efficient management, optimal operation scheduling, and remote supervision. This system offers real-time data updates accessible via a web browser, with automatic email notifications for critical events such as when a machine exits a predefined zone or changes operating modes.

Integrations Categories

Power Up with LiDat

Clue integrates with LiDAT to enhance fleet management and operational efficiency. It centralizes telematics data, offering real-time monitoring of machine performance. Users can access vital information on location, operation, and status through a single interface. This integration streamlines processes, and consolidates fuel consumption, service intervals, and operational hours data, ensuring comprehensive reporting and insightful analysis. This empowers informed decisions and boosts productivity.

Integrate with LiDat
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

LiDat Integration Features

  • Comprehensive fleet management from a single source, accommodating various machine configurations, including those from other manufacturers.
  • Remote monitoring for instant machine localization and optimal operation supervision.
  • Strategic parts planning and scheduled maintenance significantly reduce costs and machine downtime.
  • Intelligent maintenance scheduling enhances machine availability.
  • Systematic documentation of overloading and faulty operations.

LiDat x Clue Benefits

Primary Odometer
Secondary Meter
Vendor Location Alerts
Proactive Fuel Management