Lytx is a global leader in video safety and video telematics, leveraging the power of video to enhance the safety, efficiency, productivity, and profitability of drivers and fleets. Our innovative solutions enable clients to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The Lytx Vision™ Platform offers customizable services and programs, including video safety, fleet tracking, DVIR, asset tracking, and ELD compliance. Utilizing the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and over 2.1 million drivers across more than 85 countries.

Integrations Categories

Power Up with Lytx

Automate your fleet maintenance tasks using data from your existing telematics device. Clue's fleet management system integrates with your Lytx device to provide deeper insights and savings opportunities. Powered by a robust driving database of 221 billion miles and counting, Lytx’s machine vision and artificial intelligence deliver unparalleled value. Through Lytx Lab, focus on client-driven innovation to create solutions that benefit your customers.

Integrate with Clue
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

Lytx Integration Features

  • Encourage safer driving and manage fleet risk with real-time alerts and proactive driver-focused tools.
  • Empower and reward improved driver behavior through streamlined coaching workflows and recognition programs.
  • Monitor your vehicles and assets in real time to keep your fleet running smoothly
  • Ensure compliance with federal ELD mandates to stay on the right side of regulations
  • Clue invests in open APIs and pre-built integrations to facilitate seamless data exchange with your internal systems or third-party services.
  • View DTCs in Clue immediately as faults occur, enabling the creation of work orders and prompt corrective actions.
  • Automatically send daily odometer readings to Clue, allowing you to track asset utilization and trigger timely service notifications to minimize downtime.

Lytx x Clue Benefits

Primary Odometer
Secondary Meter
Vendor Location Alerts
Proactive Fuel Management