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Heavy Equipment Telematics

Reduce fuel use and asset depreciation cost by up to 10%

In the Building Construction, Earthwork & Demolition, fuel and machine depreciation cost comprise around 60% of the total cost of ownership of an equipment. Each construction fleet is unique, made of a variety of equipment, often from different manufacturers. Clue consolidates telematics data from any OEM into a  central location. Easy access to equipment data and insights, empowers you to make sound management decisions that can reduce fuel usage and asset depreciation by as much as 10%.

Key Benefits

  • Stay informed with utilization reports
  • Help avoid unnecessary equipment breakdowns
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of equipment

Save maintenance cost by up to 20%

You would spend more than $30k for unexpected maintenance on an mid-size excavator, not including the opportunity cost for downtimes. Downtimes lead to critical loss of productivity with your equipment and delay of your projects. Clue’s automated maintenance and fault codes alerts minimize unnecessary downtime, our digital work order allows you to manage the maintenance progress in a single platform.

Key Benefits

  • Team communication
  • Automated Work orders
  • DVIR
Construction Safety Software

Safety first

Keeping your workers safe is an ongoing challenge on fast-moving construction job sites. High-pressure shallow gas can be encountered at depths as low as a few hundred feet where the formation-fracture gradient is very low. With Clue you can mandate daily safety checklists to ensure your crew is safe and prepared before they start each shift.  You can also configure geofence danger zones, sending alerts to employees when they enter them  Clue safety features can help you avoid expensive insurance claims and lost work hours due to job site injuries.

Key Benefits

  • Safety Checklists
  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Geofences


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