Using equipment telematics for paving projects

Equipment Management
September 6, 2022

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What is equipment telematics?

Equipment telematics is the use of technology to monitor and manage heavy equipment, such as asphalt pavers, remotely. This technology allows for real-time tracking of the equipment, including its location, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs.

How can equipment telematics benefit paving projects?

Equipment telematics like Clue can provide a number of benefits for paving projects, including increased efficiency, improved safety, and cost savings. For example, real-time tracking allows for efficient routing and scheduling of equipment, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Additionally, telematics can alert operators and managers to potential safety issues, such as low fuel levels or maintenance issues, before they become a problem. Finally, telematics can help identify areas for cost savings, such as optimizing fuel usage and reducing unplanned maintenance.

Is equipment telematics difficult to implement?

Implementing equipment telematics does require some upfront investment and setup, but the benefits can outweigh the initial costs. It is important to work with a telematics provider that has experience with heavy equipment and paving projects to ensure a smooth implementation process. A new system like Clue requires zero IT work or implementation to address this issue.

How does equipment telematics improve communication on paving projects?

Equipment telematics provides a real-time view of the equipment, allowing managers and operators to stay connected and informed about the status of the project. This can improve communication and coordination among team members, leading to more efficient and effective project management.

Can equipment telematics be used with any type of paving equipment?

Yes, equipment telematics can be used with a variety of paving equipment, including asphalt pavers, rollers, and trucks. Clue consolidates all systems into one platform and provides insights for the entire fleet.

How does equipment telematics help with maintenance and repair of paving equipment?

Equipment telematics allows for real-time monitoring of the equipment, alerting operators and managers to potential maintenance and repair issues before they become major problems. This can help prevent unplanned downtime and extend the life of the equipment. Additionally, and integrated platform like Clue can provide valuable data for scheduling and prioritizing maintenance and repair work.

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