Trim Downtime Effortlessly: Maintenance Made Easy and Efficient

September 1, 2023
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It's widely acknowledged that a significant chunk of your equipment's operational expenses is tied up in repairs and maintenance. Efforts to curb these costs have been met with limited success.

But what's the stumbling block?

❓Is it an over-reliance on outdated pen-and-paper methods or cumbersome Excel sheets?

❓Is it a field service system that's too complex to navigate on-site?

❓Are you dealing with a maintenance solution that fails to warn you of PMs or unexpected equipment failures promptly?

❓Or a platform not integrated with your equipment's engine data?

CLUE is transforming the operational landscape for contractors by minimizing downtime and enhancing equipment utilization by up to 20%, courtesy of our easy-to-use maintenance tool.

Digital Daily Inspections: Fully customized inspection templates that are easy to use, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition every single day.

Automated PMs: Shift from reactive to proactive preventive maintenance. Schedule PMs with integrated engine hours, stay on top of PMs with prompt notifications, and auto-generate work orders without missing a beat.

One-Click Work Orders: Respond to critical fault codes with a single tap. Simplify your maintenance & repair processes and manage a comprehensive history of work orders, all within a unified system.

Curious about how companies like Walsh and Palmetto are leveraging CLUE as their go-to advanced maintenance solution?

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