Graham's Comp Lake Project sees success with Clue implementation

Equipment Management
December 13, 2022


A case study to demonstrate how Graham has optimized their fleet operation and protected project margins with Clue's Productivity Tracking System.

One of #Canada’s top heavy contractors, Graham has a history of innovation, service, safety, and quality, and is constantly working to be an industry leader.

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Graham recently implemented Clue’s real-time productivity monitoring suite at Comp Lake, a flagship earthmoving project for the company.

Before implementing Clue, Graham had multiple reports and logs that provided data on a daily basis, but no way to summarize and use the data for production tracking. They need a solution that was compatible, user-friendly, cost-effective, and cost reductive. The result? The team was able to use Clue without missing a beat, and project managers were able to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

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Graham can now detect with 98% accuracy what their loads are within 1 minute. The company has also saved money and resources by closing gaps in productivity and improving safety. Overall, the implementation has been a success for Graham and has allowed the company to improve its operations and better serve its clients.

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