CO2 Emissions: Frequently Asked Questions

February 14, 2022

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What do "carbon emissions of heavy equipment mean"?

When equipment is consuming energy, e.g. by burning fuel or using electricity, CO2 and other substances are generated. Carbon emissions refer to the CO2 (measured in pounds or tons) generated by your equipment.

How can I track the carbon emissions of my heavy fleet?

You calculate the carbon emissions of your fleet if you know the energy consumption (diesel, gas, electricity, and others) of your assets and the ratio of CO2 created for every unit of energy. Systems like Clue can calculate this for you in real-time.

Where can I find the carbon emissions factors for my yellow iron assets?

This depends on multiple factors, like fuel type, equipment type, and more. You can contact your dealer or your equipment manufacturer, or use a system like Clue to generate this information for you.

Why is tracking CO2 emissions important in construction?

Tracking your emission will help your organization reduce its carbon footprint, improve compliance with emission regulations, which are increasing daily, and lower long-term costs on fuel, oil, and even maintenance.

How will the construction industry be affected by emissions standards?

According to the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Dashboard, 65 carbon pricing systems are in effect. Globally, industry professionals will be dealing with emission standards in almost every corner of the world in the next decade. Using something like Clue prepares you for the inevitable necessity of tracking your carbon emissions.

Can I track carbon emissions for my old construction equipment?

Yes, Clue can integrate with all types of equipment – no matter the make, model, or year.

What is the cost of tracking carbon emissions?

Without additional devices, Clue offers a low cost subscription that also gets you access to world renowned productivity tracking.

What profit is there in tracking my emissions in construction?

Win bids more bids, save on fuel costs, and most importantly, help save the earth.

What devices do I need to track my carbon emissions?

Existing GPS trackers or installed telematics. With Clue, no additional costly devices are required.

Does reducing emissions help win more construction projects?

Yes, companies want, and in some cases are required, to see a contractor’s carbon footprint, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Can I track my carbon emissions on mobile?

Yes, Clue works on both desktop and mobile devices.

How much fuel can you save through carbon emissions tracking?

On average, Clue’s customers save an additional 20%+ on fuel costs by optimizing utlization.

Can you track my construction equipment carbon emissions in real-time?

Yes, Clue can track 100% of your fleets, tools, and crews.

What reports are available to track carbon emissions?

Reports are available on mobile, web, as csv files, or are entirely customizable for your needs.

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