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“Clue collects and standardizes the telematic data from the OEM systems to allow me to compare everything side by side, saving hours of manual data handling every week.”


Duo operates a modern, mixed manufacturer fleet, which provide good telemetry data without the need for extra, non-OEM hardware. Unfortunately each manufacturer has their own portal, which makes it difficult to track everything. Duo needed a solution to collate all this data to enable better management of their fleet.

Duo chose Clue because their phone and desktop interfaces allow site and office staff to know what is happening with all their machines from one solution.

The key differentiator which gave Clue the edge was the access to the detailed data behind the apps. With these detailed datasets, Duo is able to look for new patterns and correlations to better manage their fleet.

These findings are shared with Clue, so the partnership benefits both Duo and the Clue product, which really sets this ongoing project apart.

Great partners to work with.  Very responsive, with nearly 24/7 access to someone who can really help with queries.

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