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Reduce Total Cost
of Ownership

Boost your fleet profitability with AI-generated insights

Track Asset Profitability in One Place

Clue monitors your overall fleet profitability in one place. Be on top of which equipment are generating revenue for your business.

Set and Analyze KPIs for Your Fleet

Assess your fleet total-cost-of-ownership, including revenue, depreciation, repair and maintenance costs. Clue analyzes past and upcoming maintenance spending of your equipment.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership using Auto-Generated Actionable Insights

Clue advises how and how much you can save on each asset. Get AI-generated insights on the savings potentials and action items what to do.

Plans Designed to Work for
Your Business

Clue has affordable solutions for companies of all sizes.  
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Built by Construction Veterans, Backed by Big Data

Our team has decades of experience in construction projects, heavy equipment manufacturing, and telematics systems. Building on our existing knowledge base, Clue’s AI system adapts and improves with every new asset, person, and tool added to the system.

For Construction Companies of All Sizes

Whether you’re running a smaller operation with fewer than 20 assets, or manage thousands of people, Clue is tailored-made for your needs, across all types of construction.

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Assets & Crew

Easily allocate resources and monitor job status to run a more productive operation.

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Connect Everything

One system to manage heavy machinery, vehicles, tools and crew.

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