HCSS Partners With Clue on Telematics

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March 29, 2023
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HCSS has announced a partnership and integration with Clue on a platform designed to connect all company assets, yellow iron, on-road, rentals, and crew, into a single system.

Clue integrates with HCSS HeavyJob, Telematics, and Equipment360, providing an integrated platform for all systems where users get a single pane of glass view of their entire operation.

“We're always looking for companies to work with that elevate our solutions, and, in this instance, we were able to partner with a good company that brings something to customers that they've never had before,” says Kishan Patel, VP of product, HCSS. “With the Clue and HCSS integration, disparate systems now have a single platform where every system talks to the other. Clue then runs the machine data through its proprietary AI engine to generate real-time insights that improve productivity, minimize downtime, and reduce operational costs."

“Clue helps construction companies manage all assets to improve fleet utilization, minimize downtime, and protect project margins" says Oded Ran, co-founder & CEO of Clue. "We bring additional functionality to several HCSS products, pulling out asset information so that users get updates on fleet productivity, utilization, maintenance, work orders, inspections, and performance analysis, no matter the type and brand of equipment.”

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