Effortlessly manage multiple machines from one central location with JDLink™. This advanced telematics system collects essential machine data, including engine hours and idle time, and transmits it to you via the Internet, enabling remote access to machine diagnostics. With JDLink, you can intelligently and efficiently manage your entire fleet, driving growth and optimizing operations.

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Power Up with JDLink

Integrating Clue with JDLink™ combines the advanced telematics capabilities of JDLink with Clue's powerful fleet management system, offering significant benefits for your operations. This integration allows seamless data exchange, enabling you to access key machine diagnostics and telemetry data, such as engine hours and idle time, directly within Clue's interface. With the comprehensive insights provided by JDLink, Clue can enhance its maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, and utilization monitoring features.

Integrate with JDLink
Fleet management automation with real time productivity tracking

JDLink Integration Features

  • Easily set up geofences to receive alerts when machines enter or leave designated areas, ensuring better control and security.
  • Organize your fleet by grouping machines based on type, location, or project to streamline management and monitoring.
  • Implement alert escalation protocols to ensure that critical issues are promptly addressed by the right personnel.
  • Allow seamless access to machine data for dealers and third-party service providers to enhance maintenance and support.
  • Monitor equipment utilization and engine load levels to optimize performance and reduce wear and tear.
  • Track fuel consumption in real-time to manage costs and improve fuel efficiency across your fleet.
  • Measure and analyze operator productivity with key performance indicators to enhance overall efficiency.
  • Use payload and trip counters for articulated dump trucks (ADTs) to track material movement and improve job site productivity.
  • Receive instant alerts for diagnostic trouble codes to quickly address and resolve machine issues.
  • Utilize remote diagnostics and programming to troubleshoot and update machine software without needing on-site visits.
  • Ensure continuous connectivity and data transmission with the dual-mode satellite option, even in remote locations.

Visionlink x Clue Benefits

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Vendor Location Alerts
Proactive Fuel Management